Akemi Fitted Sheets Review 2023: Best Bed Sheet Guide

With endless selections of bed sheets out there and newfound advanced features available nowadays, finding the right one for you can be like finding a needle in a haystack. So, who better to help you with your bedding shopping spree than the sleep experts?

Akemi has received multiple prestigious awards such as being entitled The World’s Best eBranding Award 2020 by the BrandLaureate and acquiring the Superbrands Award in 2021 for their bedding expertise. The brand has been the talk of the town for its outstanding collection of bedsheets which is what we will be covering today. Since Akemi has many wonderful fitted sheet collections that come in an assortment of colors, we broke them down and categorized them into the 3 materials Akemi fitted sheets are crafted from – Cotton, Tencel fiber and MicroXT fabric. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Akemi Cotton Fitted Sheets

Cotton works its wonders as a bedsheet because of its incredible ability to absorb moisture and allows for increased air circulation. Cotton is exceptionally soft on the skin and since the fabric is made up of a high thread count, it is resilient and can last up to years with little to no maintenance required. Akemi’s cotton fitted sheets use 100% natural cotton, making it an environmentally friendly option and the brand of an environmentally sustainable name in the bedding industry. Here’s a table for you to get a closer look at the many features and specifications. 

Collection Features & Specifications Prices & Sizing
AKEMI Cotton Select Adore 730TC Fitted Sheet SetThe weave of the cotton fabric affects the feel of it against your skin which sets the Adore collection apart from prior collections that furnish a lower thread count. The Adore Fitted Sheet is crafted using a sateen weave, which gives the fabric a smoother and softer feel as compared to a crisp texture. The only drawback of sateen weave cotton is that it tends to wear and tear easily. Its 730 thread count adds to the soft and silk-like texture so if you don’t mind replacing your bed sheet every so often, waste no time and consider grabbing one of Akemi’s sateen weave cotton fitted sheets. The Adore collection is not treated with Mitesgard so it may not be the best option if you suffer from allergies.Single & Super Single: $49
Queen & King: $59
AKEMI Cotton Select Affinity 880TC Fitted Bed Sheet Set Exceptionally smooth and soft, breathable, absorbent and temperature regulating, the Affinity collection is a great cushy bed sheet option that will have you sinking into it as you doze off into dreamland. Available in a range of gorgeous solid colors and subtle dobby patterns, you will have plenty of choices to pick from to match your bedroom’s color scheme. With 880 thread count and a sateen weave feature, the Affinity Fitted Sheet gives you the feel of silk and all the advantages of natural cotton.Single & Super Single: $69
Queen & King: $89

Tencel Fitted Sheets

Tencel Lyocell uses beechwood cellulosic fibers which are primarily known for their softness, and because of its high tenacity of color, you can expect this bed sheet to look exactly the same as when you first bought it time after time. We have handpicked a couple of bed sheets from Akemi’s Tencel Fitted Sheet Collections to review their different purposes.  

Collection Features & Specifications Prices & Sizing
AKEMI Tencel Modal Earnest 880TC Fitted Sheet SetThe Modal Earnest is designed to be long-lasting and exceptionally soft because of its 880 thread count. Because of its Tencel fiber interior, this bed sheet is also breathable and reduces static charge so you can have a restful slumber. It has a 43cm deep pocket height, making it perfect for a mattress that is built on the thicker side. Single & Super Single: $71.20
Queen & King: $87.20
AKEMI Tencel Lyocell Concord 930TC Fitted Sheet SetThe Concord collection is made up of pure 100% Tencel Lyocell fibers. Along with everlasting softness, temperature regulation, breathability, color retention, minimal static charge and efficient moisture control, this fitted sheet also prevents the infestation of dust mites, bacteria and mold since pure Tencel is naturally hypoallergenic. It is also of the same deep pocket height as its previous collection.Single & Super Single: $89
Queen & King: $109

MicroXT Fitted Sheets

If you are looking for a bedsheet that wicks moisture, dries quickly and regulates your temperature, then your best bet is a MicroXT fabric fitted sheet. MicroXT is a manufactured fabric that has been designed to be softer than other materials and is also known to be the cheaper option. The table below will give you a better understanding of the many benefits MicroXT fabric fitted sheets can offer. 

Collection Features & Specifications Prices & Sizing
Ai by AKEMI MicroXT Lovesome 580TC Fitted Sheet Set This collection under ai by Akemi uses ultrafine microfiber technology that is designed to be ridiculously soft, breathable, long-lasting and easy to care for. Its MicroXT fabric is resistant to color fading and diminishes the static charge on your bed. The Lovesome collection is perfect if you want a bed sheet that you can sink into due to its higher thread count. This bed sheet is also made to better fit thicker mattresses. Choose between the Lovesome collection’s many cheerful prints to add some character to your bedroom. Single & Super Single: $49
Queen: $59

Now that we have come to the end of the review, finding the right bedsheet to go with your mattress can be tricky. Even after that extensive review of Akemi bedsheets, you may be left even more puzzled about which one of them suits your sleeping needs best. Fret not, we have one more pick up our sleeves that will be sure to knock your socks off!

The Only Accessory Your Bed Needs

The Origin Polar Silk Tencel™ Bedding Set comes in a set of four with each 100% woven from Origin’s uniquely luxurious Origin Polar Silk Tencel™. Each bedding accessory in the set is designed to be incredibly soft and smooth. Origin Polar Silk Tencel™ is addictively silky to the touch and because of its temperature-regulating ability, you can expect your entire bed to stay cool during those blazing nights. Every set comes with a:

• x1 Premium Bedsheet

• x1 Premium Duvet cover

• x1-2 Premium Pillow covers

• x1-2 Premium Bolster covers 

So, If you want to know what sleeping on a frosty cloud feels like, look no further because this bedding set comes with a perfect bed sheet that will alleviate all of your sleep-ridden troubles. 

Prices and Sizing:

Single – $259

Super Single – $279

Queen – $339

King – $359

For more information and special deals on Origin products, click here and explore further!

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