The Magic Bullet for High-Performance Sleep

At Origin our research team focuses on maximising deep sleep, essential for peak performance.
Deep sleep impacts performance by influencing: memory and learning, reaction times, motor function, focus and motivation, stress-regulation, muscle recovery and more.
After hundreds of prototypes; thousands of hours of R&D; and constant testing with top athletes worldwide – we’ve outdone the status quo.
Whether you’re a world-class athlete trying to rewrite history, or an everyday athlete going beyond your limits…
Origin will help you get there.

Athlete Testimonial 

Ryan & Genevieve

Trusted by World-Class Athletes

Genevieve Gregson (née LaCaze)

Australian Olympic Finalist
Sportsperson and Head Coach, Gregson Running

Genevieve Gregson is an inspiring Australian athlete who is 3 times an Olympic finalist, 2 times a World Cup finalist, and holds a record in the 3,000m steeplechase. As she continues to pursue her passion, her next major goal is to qualify for the Paris Olympic Games 2024. In addition, Genevieve shares the knowledge and expertise acquired over the years to help others reach their running goals through personalised online running coaching.

“Racking up the best kind of sleeping hours while we can with Origin Mattress

Ryan Gregson

Australian Olympic Finalist
Sportsperson and Coach, Gregson Running

A two-time Olympian, Ryan Gregson was the first Australian male to qualify for the Olympic 1500m final in 40 years at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Ryan hopes to impart what he has learned through years of experience to help other runners achieve their goals through personalised online running coaching.

“When I’m in the midst of hard training, sleep is always at the forefront of recovery. Thankfully, with the help of Origin Mattress, I’ve never slept better.”