Bed and Basics Mattress Review 2024

What should you consider when purchasing a mattress?

An ideal mattress is one that could support the curvature of the spine, does not retain too much heat, and provide comfort according to the sleeper’s sleeping position and weight. When shopping for a mattress, you should take into account the firmness level of the mattress, its types for instance airbed, foam, latex, innerspring, or hybrid, and its thickness.

At Bed and Basics, there is a wide range of mattresses you can choose from; Semi Single to King sizes, medium soft to extra firm, and cotton fabric materials to Austrian Lenzing Tenzel.

The company is the first e-retailer in the country that develop an in-house warehousing system that allows customers to get a top-notch quality product at affordable prices, without retail overheads and unnecessary markups. Bed and Basics offer furniture designed together with award-winning designers from Japan, Italy, and China through the Japanese Manufacturing System.

Nuloft Natural Latex/Memory Foam Mattress


Rated at 6 for its firmness level, this medium soft mattress is a dynamic choice that could cater to average (58-104kg) and lightweight (less than 58kg) sleepers comfortably. It is soft but at the same time, it provides the support you need for your body and reduces pressure while you are in any sleeping position.

Besides reducing pressure, it also helps reduce stiffness via the Cooling Gel Memory Foam and Natural Latex features. These features functioned to contour to your body’s natural shape, hence aligning the spine and improving blood circulation.

Made of natural latex with perforated vents and infused with cool gel technology, the mattress offers improved ventilation that allows you to stay cool when you sleep despite the hot and humid climate in Singapore.

Being OEKO-TEX & REACH Certified, the mattress is safe for sleepers of all ages as it was tested and proven hypoallergenic, odor-free, anti-fungal, anti-dust mite, and anti-bacterial.

Nuloft mattresses are available in two different measurements, the Japanese and Singapore, where both vary in terms of dimensions.  

Price range between $399 and $799.

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Nuloft Hybrid Mattress


Rated 7/10 for its firmness level, this Bed and Basics mattress provides support to the back and maintains the sleeping posture hence keeping the spine aligned. The medium-firm mattress is usually sought after by those sleeping on their side, back, and stomach regardless of their weight.

The 11-inch thickness is suitable for back pain sufferers as it could firmly support the body without a sinking feeling while the Quilted Euro-Top, a premium foam quilting, provides extra plush comfort with its gentle cushioning.

You will no longer wake up in the middle of the hot night sweating bullets with the Natural Bamboo-Knit covers and water-based adhesives binding all foam layers that could reduce heat retention and increase breathability.

This Bed and Basics mattress is also equipped with perimeter edge support encasement that helps minimize sagging, enhancing stability while preventing contact with the pocket springs.

It comes in 6 sizes -Single Japanese, Semi-Double, Double Japanese, Super Single, Queen, and King.

Price: $549 – $899

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Nuloft LUXE Mattress


Rated at 6.5/10 at firmness level, it provides just the right amount of softness for the comforts of your shoulders and joints yet is firm enough to support your back and body.

The 5 Zone Pocket Coil Spring System further added firmness and support for your lower back, hips, shoulder, and ankles by distributing weight and pressure evenly.

Given the tropical climate in Singapore, this Bed and Basics mattress is definitely the best option to stay cool through the night. In addition to being quilted with cooling gel memory foam, the proprietary SnoWeave fabric, a moisture-wicking and the coolest fabric in the country will make you feel refreshed, relaxed, and soothed throughout the night.

The SnoWeave Fabric also features unique anti-static properties with the ability to absorb negative electrons and static energy, allowing you to have a better and deeper sleep.

For those with sensitive skin or small children, fret not because the foam layers of this Bed and Basics mattress are EU REACH certified which is equivalent to the CertiPUR-US certification. It proves that the product is made of environment-friendly materials that are low in volatile organic compound emissions for indoor air quality and are free of ozone-depleting chemicals.

Price: $699$1,299

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Modern Deco Pocket Coil Mattress (SG Size)


With a firmness rating of 4/10, the medium soft mattress gives you plush cuddly feelings and is recommended for petite sleepers as the mattress could support their weight nicely without sinking.

The 18cm (7inch) thickness is designed for the convenience of sleepers where they can roll the mattress to save storage space or when moving the mattress around. No more dragging or needing more than 1 person to carry your heavy mattress.

For bed sharers and light sleepers, the mattress is an ideal choice for uninterrupted sleep as the coils were structured to lessen motion transfer.

No more waking up with backpains as this Bed and Basics mattress contains pocket coils that are designed to fully support your body weight and distribute pressure evenly. A higher number of coils enable the mattress to conform to the body contours and improve your sleeping posture. Each coil adheres to the pressure points of the body respectively and provides support that is proportionate to the pressure exerted on the mattress.

Price: $199$299

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Sleepy Night Synergy Relaxation Mattress


Heavier sleepers or bed sharers could rest assured as the 7/10 medium firmness would cause less sinkage on the mattress while providing sufficient support and cushioning for the body.

Wrapped with bamboo knitted fabric on top of being treated with Anti Dust mite, Anti Bacteria, and Anti Fungi procedures, this Bed and Basics mattress is safe for all as it is hypoallergenic as well as odor, mold, mildew, and bacteria-resistant.

The 5-zone individual pocket spring features help lessen motion transfer on the mattress and at the same time support different parts of your body particularly the head, shoulders, lower back thighs, and feet hence ensuring proper spinal alignment.

All these are not the only benefits you get when purchasing the Sleepy Night Synergy Relaxation Mattress from Bed and Basics, because it also comes with free gifts comprising:

Single/ Super Single: Pillow x 1 + Mattress Protector x 1 Free

Queen/ King: Pillow x 2 + Mattress Protector x 1 Free

Price: $799.00- $1,299.00

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Hold on! Before making any purchase, you might want to take a look at the country’s leading mattress brand, Origin, which could offer the ideal mattress you are searching for.

Introducing a mattress that is well-known for its functional abilities to relieve body aches while giving you a dry, breezy-snuggly, and relaxing feeling:

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress

Origin Sleep is a brand familiar to Singaporeans with over 50,000 satisfied customers across the country. The Origin Sleep has won more than 30 awards over the years and recent ones areProduct of the Year 2023- Mattresses, Best Mattress & Bed Accessories Company 2023- APAC Insider Singapore Business Awards and #1 Recommended Mattress and Bed Accessories by Google Review.


PRESSURE REDUCTION: With the extra thick mattress of 12-inch height coupled with 7-Zone ErgoCoil Micro Precision Spring as support, it could help reduce pressure at every part of your body.

BODY SUPPORT: The base is divided into 7 major zones to provide support and gently cushion points such as the hip and shoulder area.

SLEEP COOL: The Origin HexaGrid™ Memory Foam could further put you in deeper sleep as it is infused with cooling particles that could keep your body temperature close to 18.3°C.

SAFE FOR ALL: To top it all, not only it is good for your body but it is also safe for all including babies and toddlers. The product is CertiPUR-US® and CeriOEKO-TEX® certified which serves as proof that it has undergone imperative tests in independent labs to ensure it is free from harmful substances.

15-YEAR WARRANTY: You might only need to worry about buying a new mattress after 15 years as the product is made with high-quality materials meticulously, hence Origin Sleep promises a 15-year long warranty period.

120-DAY TRIAL: What if the mattress does not suit your preference after purchasing it? This is where the 120 trial policy comes in handy where you could email and return the product for a full refund within 120 days (4 months).

Sizes and Pricing

•            Single: 91 x 190 x 30 CM (27KG): $999

•            Super Single: 107 x 190 x 30 CM (30KG) : $1,199

•            Queen: 152 x 190 x 30 CM (45KG): $1,299

•            King: 183 x 190 x 30 CM (55KG) :  $1,599

Origin also offers a wide array of top-quality products such as bedding, accessories, pillow, and bedframe. Click here for more spectacular deals from this country leading’s brand.

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