Bedding Affairs Bed Sheet Review 2024

In the world that we live in today, we are completely spoiled with options. Unfortunate for those that are indecisive, but for others, it’s a complete dream. You could have different colors and shades of pots hanging in your kitchen, a different pattern of pants for all occasions and dinners; there are too many to list down! To people’s dismay however, due to the choices that you can get, they would often be stuck with bad quality items; ones with a short shelf life and a tendency to break and fail on you after the first try. 

With the existence of Bedding Affairs, you don’t have to worry a thing as they’ve curated the brands that they offer and only the best products from them as well! One thing that they do well is bedding; they choose ones that can cater to all the varying needs in the world, so for those that are worried about getting the right bed sheets; worry not! 

Hotelier Prestigio White Sateen Stripe Fitted Sheet

Made out of 100% combed cotton and having a thread count of 890, these bedsheets are a whole nother level of comfort as it is different from normal cotton in that it is ensured that there is no loose thread to be found from the sheets! On top of that, they are tailor-made to be specially customized for a long night of comfortable, uninterrupted sleep. 


Single: S$59.90 

Super single: S$69.90

Queen: S$79.90 

King: $89.90 

Super king: S$99.90 

Holy Sheets Sagada Fitted Sheet 

With a name like that, you are ensured a good time (sleep) with these sheets! They are made out of 50% polyamide fiber and 50% polyester,  with a thread count of 1200. They also have an exclusive feature of Artic Cool Technology, guaranteeing sweat-free sleep during the hot weather season. In addition to all of that, these sheets are environmentally friendly, being Oeko Tex 100 certified which means that they contain absolutely no substances that can cause harm to the environment or your well-being.


Single: S$49.90 

Super single: S$54.90 

Queen: S$76.90 

King: S$79.90 

Palais Suite Tencel LF Empress Blue Fitted Sheet

For a luxury that is also eco-friendly, these sheets are the top choice for you. they are made of cellulosic fibers that are coated to resist pilling, gaining more years to your bed sheets. In accordance with that, they boast properties that wick away sweat and allergens, a plus one for those with sensitive skin. 


Single: S$89.90

Super single: S$99.90

Queen: S$129.90 

King: S$139.90 

Super king: S$149.90 

Cotton Pure White Jersey Cotton Fitted Sheet

For deep, comfortable sleep, look no further because these sheets are made out of 100% of world-renowned Xinjiang cotton which featured long shiny fiber that one may find in luxurious shirts and bed linen or maybe even- your bed in the future. This type of cotton ensures extreme softness and breathability to the user and is rated by the weight of the fabric instead of by its thread count.


Single: S$44.90

Super single: S$51.90 

Queen: S$61.90 

King: S$64.90

Super king: S$74.90

Seta Couture Mulberry Silk Iridium Black 

For sleep that changes your entire routine and perspective on sleeping, this is the way to go. Made out of the most luxurious fabric you could find, these sheets do it all. They contain properties that cool the body temperature down and are naturally hypoallergenic, but on top of that they are also excellent for your well-being, as sleeping on them will give you fewer wrinkles and less frizz in your hair. A complete experience that will make you want to sleep in all day and night. 


Queen: S$3,399

Now that we’ve reached the end of the list for Bedding Affair’s offerings, you may think we’re done; but no, there’s more.

There’s still the Origin Bedding Set!

The Origin Polar Silk Tencel™ Bedding Set

The Origin Polar Silk Tencel™ is 100% woven from Origin’s uniquely luxurious Origin Polar Silk Tencel™. Each piece is designed to be incredibly soft and smooth. Origin Polar Silk Tencel™ is addictively silky to the touch and because of its temperature-regulating ability, you can expect your entire bed to stay cool during those blazing nights.  

So, If you want to know what sleeping on a frosty cloud feels like, look no further because this bedding set comes with a perfect bed sheet that will alleviate all of your sleep-ridden troubles. 


Single – S$259

Super Single – S$279

Queen – S$339

King – S$359

For more information and special deals on Origin products, click here and explore further!

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