10 Best Bunk Beds In Singapore To Save Space & Still Look Stylish

best bunk bed singapore

Top bunk beds for maximum space

Any space-saving furniture is a godsend to the majority of us living in HBDs or condos. A modern bunk bed in Singapore do not only maximize your space, but they have it all — functionality, durability, and beauty.

You will find an array of chic bunk beds that come from the best handcrafters in the world. These multifunctional bunk beds can also serve as TV consoles, study desks, or dining tables to match your studio living.

Read on to find out the 10 best space-saving bunk beds for both kids and adults and how you can give your room that extra X-factor.

Tip: The American Academy of Pediatrics advise that kids below the age of 6 should avoid using the top bunk due to safety concerns.

Bunk Beds For Kids

1. Cilek Mocha Studio Bunk — with an extra pull-out bed

Cilek mocha studio bunk bed
Image credit: Cilek

For most of us, a tincture of timber can soothe and add radiance to our homes. Cilek Mocha Studio Bunk has these woody grains that give your room a natural ambience. Imported from Turkey, all Cilek’s bunk beds adhere to the highest EU safety standards for your family.

These simple designs are made for two, but you have the option of an extra pull-out bed, which can also serve as a large drawer. For additional storage, the side stairs are a perfect alternative as well. Simply pull out the drawers beneath each step to store your belongings.

You also have plenty of options here: single or super single, panelled or slatted bed end and white versus natural. Raise it or lower the loft bed in the future.

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Contact: enquiries@kidshaven.sg

2. Manis-h Combi Bunk Bed — L-shaped corner bed

Manis-h Combi Bunk Bed
Image credits: Manis-h

The Manis-h Combi Bunk Bed offers you an elegant L-shaped bed to fit your corners — leaving no wasted space. It comes in snow white and you can choose up to three sizes: supersize (190*107 cm), single size (190*90 cm), or junior (160*90 cm).

Manis-h Combi Bunk Bed
Image credits: Manis-h

It even comes with a shelf to store your kid’s toys or books!

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3. Maxtrix Low Bunk with Mounted Ladder — up to 3 pax 

Maxtrix Low Bunk with Mounted Ladder
Image credits: Maxtrix Kids

Unlike the signature slanting ladder most Maxtrix loft beds, this one has a fixed vertical ladder. It is made for two, but you can make it three with a pull-out.

It’s made from top birch which can hold an impressive weight of about four adults (350 kg). Choose either white or natural, single or super single, and panelled versus slatted bed end. 

With extensions, you can further make it a high bunk instead of a low bunk bed.

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4. VITVAL IKEA Bunk Bed — eco-friendly

Image credits: IKEA

IKEA’s VITVAL bunk bed is the depiction of the company’s latest mission — environmental protection. It uses minimum materials without compromising the elegance and quality that the company is known for.

You can easily assemble this metal bunk bed yourself. The end result gives you a cosy and sturdy appearance.

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Bunk Beds For Kids and Adults

5. TK Trio Bunk Bed — elegant family bed

TK Trio Bunk Bed
Image credits: Tomato KidZ

This is the embodiment of a family bed with a queen size and single size combination. With its clever design, you can also forget about bumping your head on the top bunk every morning.

Light up your room with either white or golden oak. Other options include the trundle options — no trundle, pull-out single, drawers, or pull out super single.

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6. Linie Japanese Metal Loft Bed — with socket and USB charging port

Linie Japanese Metal Loft Bed
Image credit: Bed and Basics

No doubt — wood spruces up any room. However, the Linie Japanese Metal Loft Bed is the epitome of an elegant space-saving metal loft bed. Stylish and robust this bed can easily hold the weight of two people (150 kg).

The bed has a sturdy staircase, handrails, and anti-falling safety bars for safety. Add their USB charging port and power socket shelf, and you have the perfect study room, dining room, or TV console space beneath it.

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7. Modern Folding Wood Bunk Bed Sleeper Sofa — upholstered convertible sofa bed pillows 

Modern Folding Wood Bunk Bed Sleeper Sofa
Image credits: Homary

This incredible sofa bunk bed from California, US, is excellent for an expanding family or that occasional overnight friend. By day you’ve got your sofa; by night, hey presto, you’ve got your bed.

Its durability comes from the steel skeleton coupled with a fine-grained wood frame. The squishy fabric material and padding offer an extra relaxing aura.

You can have it shipped to Singapore within 5 to 11 business days.

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Address: 4501 E Airport Dr. Unit B, Ontario, California 91761, United States
Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours
Contact: +1-888-903-3332 (toll-free within US)/ service@homary.com/ service@b2b.homary.com (B2B inquiry)
Delivery fee: Free 

8. Double Deck Bunk Bed DD1032A — for $299 only

Double Deck Bunk Bed DD1032A
Image credits: Furniture SG

For the minimalists, this affordable bunk bed offers a modest, clean-cut design at an affordable cost. It is made of natural timber with a solid plywood base, which is amazing given the bed’s price. Both the upper deck and the lower deck are sturdy enough to hold an adult.

Its single top guard further guarantees safety, plus it has a vertical anti-slip ladder.

You can get the bed in cherry, white or walnut.

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9. Cilek Duo Large Bunk Bed — parent/kid bed

Cilek Duo Large Bunk Bed
Image credits: Cilek

This is the ultimate bed with its simple but eye-catching bunk bed design. It is a bunk bed suitable for adults or kids. It’s also known as the Parent Bunk since you can take a goodnight’s sleep while keeping an eye on your toddler.

It comes with a ladder and sturdy bed rails, and you can add your Origin Mattress quite smoothly.

This elegant and timeless design comes in two colours — white or natural wood. It comes from Turkey and is masterfully crafted to meet the EU standard regulations.

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Contact: +65 6265 1437/ enquiries@kidshaven.sg

10. Manis-h Family Bunk Bed — suitable for the whole family

Manis-h Family Bunk Bed
Image credits: manis-h

Make your kid feel safe with this family bunk bed, which has room for both parents and child. This clever design also allows you to have two separate beds should your family expand. 

For extra storage, you can further add another bed at the bottom. 

You’ll also love the assortment of available colours — antracit, denim blue, azure mint, silver, light rose, dusty rose, purple, pink, red, and more.

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1 Tampines North Drive 1, #01-02, T-Space, Singapore 528559
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Origin’s risk-free mattress for bunk beds in Singapore

Pair your favourite bunk bed design with a premium mattress for a good night’s sleep. After all, why bother going the extra mile in getting a chic bunk bed if you’re losing sleep at the end of the day?

origin hybrid singapore

Origin Mattress Singapore offers comfort, safety, and pizzazz to your new bed. These German-made mattresses have the unique Origin pressure-relieving paddings and heavy-duty springs for the ultimate rest. Here is a list of mattress features unique to Origin:

  • Natural Latex + Cooling Gel Memory Foam + Pocket Springs 
  • 10-Inch Cooling Hybrid Mattress 
  • 120-Night Trial; money-back guarantee, no questions asked! 
  • Low Disturbance Mattress 
  • Cooling Tencel Cover

Rest assured that Origin comes in different sizes to fit your desired bunk beds — Single, Super Single, Queen, and King. Whichever you choose, Origin is the perfect fit — both in terms of mattress sizes and quality fitting comparable to your bunk bed.

Order today and choose a delivery slot of your choice with 120-night trial and 15-year warranty!

Cover image credits: Alex Green

Article written by Nathan Machoka

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