5 Best Divan Beds In Singapore 2024

If wood or metal bed frames are too simple to complement your bedroom as the centrepiece, a divan bed or upholstered beds may be just what you’re looking for. From extravagant embellishments to a selection of colours and materials, divan beds come in a variety of designs to match your bedroom’s scheme. Built with a hollow wooden base for stability, divan beds are essentially more comfortable than other bed frames because of the fabric and cushion that upholsters it. 

Assembling a piece of furniture can oftentimes be a tedious task. Fortunately, assembling a divan bed is simple since it comes in already-built whole pieces that requires a couple of nudges to slot into place. Divan beds tend to take less space than other bed frames because most standard divans are built minutely bigger than the mattress that sits over it. These upholstered beds generally come with platform legs that provide the bed and mattress with bracing support. The added height not only furnishes the bed with a luxurious feel but makes cleaning the nooks and crannies under the bed a lot easier.

Among the endless selection of divan beds at one’s reach in Singapore, picking the right one for your bedroom can be challenging. Fret not, the sleep experts have scoured the web to find the best divan beds that will be delivered right to your doorstep. We also made sure that our picks are customisable to some degree so you can mix and match the perfect divan bed to be a worthy centrepiece in your bedroom. 


The Essentials Headboard Divan Bed is created with minimalism in mind but despite its simple design, this divan will seamlessly fit with your bedroom’s scheme rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. You can select from four cool toned fabric shades to better match the colours in your bedroom. Besides its minimalist aesthetics, the Essentials Headboard Divan Bed is an exceptionally sturdy bed that can hold up a heavy mattress with ease. The base of this divan is made of solid plywood that has been Kiln-dried to provide the bed with enhanced stability and security. The divan’s solid wood slat base intensifies the longevity of not only the bed but the mattress of your choice as well, preventing it from sagging. The Essentials Headboard Divan Bed is draped in 100% polyester fabric and stitched in an intricate pattern that ornates the solid-coloured furniture. The headboard of this divan is foam padded and upholstered in fabric, serving as a cushy backrest for when you want to lean back on your bed. The platform legs on the Essentials Headboard Divan Bed comprises polypropylene, a type of synthetic resin that is remarkably hardy to provide the bed with a stable foundation. This outstanding bed comes in a multitude of sizes to suit your bedroom needs. 

Prices and Sizing:

Single – $349.00

Super Single – $379.00

Queen – $449.00

King – $499.00

MaxCoil Peony Headboard + Day Angel Divan (Bed Frame)

Maxcoil has made a name for themselves through their amazing bedding products so we have undoubtedly included one of their exemplary divans on our list. Maxcoil’s Peony Headboard + Day Angel Divan dons a sleek and modest look that would adorn just about any bedroom. Whether you’re looking to revamp your bedroom with a rustic twist or enhance the serenity in your sleeping quarters with achromatic colours, the Peony Headboard + Day Angel Divan comes in 8 impressive shades for you to single out. Although embodying similar specifications as its previous contender, the Peony Headboard + Day Angel Divan is a step above because of its enhanced features. This divan presents a base made with a mix of Kiln-dried solid wood and engineered wood. As durable as a solid wood base is, engineered wood further amplifies the overall durability and resilience of the bed. This divan is also deemed a cut above the Essentials Headboard Divan Bed because of its high density foam filled headboard. High density foam is firmer than regular foam so you will not only be getting a pillowlike backrest but one that will support and protect your pressure points. The only drawback that can be distinguished on the Peony Headboard + Day Angel Divan is its stainless steel platform legs. Unlike plastic and polypropylene, stainless steel is prone to rusting and for that reason, you may find yourself hassling over replacing them every so often. 

Prices and Sizing:

Single – $599.00

Super Single – $699.00

Queen – $899.00

King – $1,099.00

Ashleen Faux Leather Bed Frame

On the off chance polyester fabric isn’t a preference of yours, then perhaps the Ashleen Faux Leather Bed Frame is exactly what you need. Faux leather can be easily wiped clean and you won’t have to worry about any moisture seeping into it. The downside of faux leather is its tendency to crack and peel over time. Where the material lacks in wear and tear, it however undeniably boasts in aesthetic appeal.  A faux leather divan can add a much-needed touch of sophistication and style to a neutral room. The Ashleen Faux Leather Bed Frame features a dried solid wood internal structure that is padded with thin foam which is then upholstered in a synthetic leather material. The optional headboard is crafted with the same foam and upholstery that is stitched in beige translucent thread and embellished with 2 single decor crystals to emphasise its solid-colour appearance. This divan is held up by 2-inch polymer platform legs that stand the test of time against damage. Available in white, black, brown and beige, the Ashleen Faux Leather Bed Frame will be a stunning addition if your bedroom looks a little too drab. 

Prices and Sizing:

Single – $139.00

Super Single – $149.00

Queen – $169.00

King – $219.00

Adele Velvet Storage Bed Frame

This divan doubles as a storage device to store your unused goods in or to simply declutter your bedroom. The internal structure of the Adele Velvet Storage Bed Frame is a combination of solid plywood, engineered wood and medium-density fibreboard for extra solidity. The divan comes with a tall headboard draped in a velvet upholstery which has been tufted for a more majestic design. The Adele Velvet Storage Bed Frame gets its luxurious appearance from the grey velvet fabric and the sheen is further accentuated as the fabric is piped along the edges. Although the Adele Velvet Storage Bed Frame only comes in one shade, grey is a highly versatile colour that pairs with almost any colour palette. The standout factor of this divan is clearly the large under-bed storage it flaunts.

The storage space is accessible through a hydraulic gas lift that can be lifted using the attached handle. You don’t have to worry about the hydraulic lift coming undone and slamming onto your finger since it has a safety lock feature on it. The slats of this bed are upheld by additional platform legs in the centre to increase its stability. The Adele Velvet Storage Bed Frame also comes with stoppers at the bottom of the bed to elevate it slightly for breathability purposes. 

Prices and Sizing:

Single – $549.00

Super Single – $609.00

Queen – $719.00

King – $829.00

ONLYBEDS Divan Bed Frame With Headboard 

Unlike the other divans where you can only customize the color, ONLYBEDS grants you the freedom to select not only the color of your divan but the upholstery material as well. You can pick from either polyester fabric, polyurethane leather or a velvet surface to enwrap your divan. In addition to neutral colors, the ONLYBEDS Divan Bed Frame With Headboard dons a varying selection of dark-to-light shades for you to take your pick. Bracing the divan is a strong and sturdy plywood base that is padded with firm foam to create a plush yet supportive surface. The structure is then securely upholstered in the fabric of your choosing.

Another customizable aspect of this divan is its base thickness. You can choose between a 6-inch or an 8-inch base to better accommodate the size of your bedroom. The ONLYBEDS Divan Bed Frame With Headboard features 2-inch plastic legs to elevate the bed for air to flow through and regulate the sleeper’s temperature. Plastic platform legs are much more resilient as compared to wood or steel ones. The ONLYBEDS Divan Bed Frame With Headboard is perfect for those who like to play a part in the designing process of their furniture.

Prices and Sizing:- 

6-inch Base Thickness:

Single – $289.00

Super Single – $319.00

Queen – $379.00

King – $479.00

8-inch Base Thickness:

Single – $299.00

Super Single – $329.00

Queen – $399.00

King – $499.00

Now that you have chosen the perfect divan to spruce up your bedroom, you are going to need a deserving mattress to go with it and there is none better than the Origin Hybrid Mattress!

The Perfect Mattress For Every Bed 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress has been recognised as a flawless mattress that will not only look amazing but will enhance the qualities of the bed beneath it.  This hybrid mattress is an entire mattress type on its own, donning the benefits of a latex, foam and coil mattress in sync. The Origin Hybrid Mattress is also temperature regulating  so you won’t break a sweat on scorching nights. Sink into a frosty cloud that conforms to the contours of your body, firmly supporting you as you serenely drift into snoozeland. Its Plush Tencel™ Pillow Top enhances the cosiness of the mattress. The Zero Motion Isolation Technology used in the  manufacturing of the Origin Hybrid Mattress grants you undisturbed slumber. This remarkable mattress is available in a range of sizes, further corroborating it to be the perfect mattress for just about any bed, be it a bed frame or a Divan. 

Prices and Sizing:

Single – $399.00

Super Single – $499.00

Queen – $599.00 

King – $829.00

With the right bed and mattress as the centerpiece, you can turn your bedroom from drab to fab. Click here to find out more about Origin products and special deals!

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