Epitex Bed Sheet Review 2024

In our daily routine, we often overlook the tiny but important details. One of those things is bedsheets – a lot of us would often just buy ones that come in our favorite colors or designs, never really giving much thought to the material and how much it could affect the quality of your sleep.

Introducing Epitex, Singapore’s number one leading company for everyone’s bedroom essentials, including a vast array of different types of bedsheets; including ones that you may not even expect or think you need in your life. 

Bamboo Collection 

A sustainable collection wherein the sheets are all made out of bamboo fiber, these bedsheets are soft and breathable on top of being fantastic for the environment. These sheets are renowned for how they prevent heat from being trapped underneath them, in addition to being anti-bacterial, ensuring low possibility of dust mites and allergens from hanging on to them. 


Single: $99.90

Super single: $109.90 

Queen: $149.90

King: $159.90

Silky Soft Collection

A fabric made out of a blend of cotton, these bed sheets are the better cousin of Egyptian cotton and organic cotton. They are tightly woven, with a thread count of 900, and contain wrinkle-resistant properties, thus creating a durable surface and very easy to care for. 


Single: $24.90 

Super single: $24.90 

Queen: $29.90 

King: $29.90 

Mulberry Silk 

For those that prefer a sleep so luxurious that it makes it ten times harder to get out of bed and makes you look forward to going home for a sleep every day, then this is the option for you. 

Mulberry silk is a material derived from natural fibers, a hypoallergenic option as well as it repels dust mites. On top of that, with the weather that we have now, it is most useful to have this as your bed sheets as it expels heat and regulates temperature. 


King: $3,699

Queen: $3,399

Tencel bed sheet

Tencel is a fabric in the same family as rayon, made from fiber extracted from the eucalyptus tree, creating a material that is soft and resistant to wrinkles on top of having a thread count of 1600. Cool sleep is ensured for the user all through the night without any interruption of waking up in cold sweat or any random itch as it is gentle and sensitive on the skin on top of being a naturally breathable material. 


Single: $109.50

Super Single:  $119.50 

Queen: $159.50

King: $169.50 

Supima Cotton 

Reigning the title of being the superior type of cotton, they are ensured to be the best of its kind is it is made out of extra long staple fibers and contain a thread count of 1200, giving the cotton its premium properties that are higher up in the hierarchy than the other ones; its strength and softness. These bed sheets would be the most cost-worthy ones, as they actually get softer after every wash thus making them the easiest to care for and wash. 


Single: $69

Super single: $69

Queen: $89 

King: $89 

You’ve reached the end of the list for the bedsheets offered by Epitex but you’re still unsatisfied; well here’s another option that you may be interested in instead: The Origin Bedding Set!

The Origin Polar Silk Tencel™ Bedding Set

The Origin Polar Silk Tencel is made out of 100% woven from Origin’s uniquely luxurious Origin Polar Silk Tencel. Each one of these pieces is designed to be incredibly soft and smooth. Origin Polar Silk Tencel is addictively silky to the touch and because of its temperature-regulating ability, you can expect your entire bed to stay cool during those blazing nights. 

So, If you want to know what sleeping on a frosty cloud feels like, look no further because this bedding set comes with a perfect bed sheet that will alleviate all of your sleep-ridden troubles. 


Single – $259

Super single – $279

Queen – $339

King – $359

For further information on any other Origin products, click here.

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