Eurotex Bedsheet Review 2024

Selecting the right bedsheet is essential in order to give the needed touch to your bedroom outlook on top of providing you with comfortable and good sleep at night.

Among the elements to take into account when purchasing bedlinen are the thread count, fabric and measurement to make sure it suits your preference, need and environment perfectly.

Get to know Eurotex Bedsheets

Established in 2003, Eurotex which is also the sister brand of Oasis Living, is available in major departmental stores across Singapore including Robinsons, Metro, Isetan, BHG, and OG. Apart from the outlets which include five physical stores at Compass One, Bedok Mall, Tiong Bahru Plaza, Northpoint City, and White Sands Mall, Eurotex also launched its e-commerce site for shoppers who prefer to shop for the brand’s comprehensive range of high-quality bedsheets, curtains, cushions, and bath accessories anytime, anywhere just at their fingertips.

Here is a glimpse of the bedding sets Eurotex has to offer, but before that, let us take a look at the measurement of each item for purchasing reference:-

Fitted Sheet     

  • Single: 91 x 191 x 36cm
  • Super Single: 107 x 198 x 36cm
  • Queen: 152 x 191 x 40cm
  • King: 183 x 198 x 40cm
  • Pillow Case (Standard): 51 x 76cm
  • Bolster Case (Standard): 37 x 108cm

Quilt Cover

  • Single: 140 x 211cm
  • Queen: 211 x 211cm
  • King: 246 x 211cm

  1. Eurotex Disney Microluxe 900 Thread Count, Fitted Sheets Set, Spidey To The Rescue

Sufficient sleep is crucial for children in order for them to develop their immune systems and also to prevent them from getting cranky the next day due to heavy, groggy feelings. Lying on a comfortable bed and surface could help them fall asleep easier in no time.

If your children are into Disney or Marvel characters then this is the one for you! This Eurotex bedsheet set is suitable for both genders as it has ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Spidergirl’ printed on the summer light quilt. The bedsheet is made of 900 thread count and as previously mentioned, the higher the count the softer it would be (in most cases especially trusted brands).

The set includes 1 fitted bedsheet, pillow case and bolster case while the summer light quilt is sold separately.


Fitted Sheet Set

  • Single: $39.00
  • Super Single: $49.00
  • Queen: $59.00
  • King: $69.00

Summer Light Quilt

  • Single: $69.00
  • Super Single: $69.00
  • Queen: $79.00
  • King: $89.00

2. Somers, Eurotex Loft Living Collection

For those who are not really fond of floral prints, this bedsheet with a striped quilt cover might suit your taste. It gives a unique look and can fit in with any style you choose for your bedroom, be it minimalist, contemporary, industrial, or vintage.

It is made of 100% cotton with a 900 thread count. Nice on the eyes and nice to touch as well as the material is comfortable, breathable, and soft. Apart from that, it is moisture-wicking, durable, and easy to launder as it can withstand repeated washing. However, be advised that it tears more easily if repeatedly machine dried at high temperatures.

This design is currently available in two sizes, Single and King. The bedding set comprises 1 fitted sheet set, 1 quilt cover, pillow case, and bolster case.


Single: $96.15

King: $138.54

3. Nature, Eurotex Celestine made from 100% TENCEL™ fibers

TENCEL™ fibers are known for their naturally soft quality, silky smooth texture, and gentleness to the skin which gives a cooling sensation to the sleeper thus making this bedsheet the perfect choice for a room and sleeper with warmer temperatures. In addition to the softness provided by the fabric texture, the 900 thread count is just cream of the cream. The fitted edge coupled with the Tencel fiber texture, which is more resistant to wrinkling, would shorten your time tidying up the bed every morning.  

Each fitted sheet set includes a pillow and bolster case while the bedding set comprises 1 fitted sheet, 1 quilt cover, pillow and a bolster case.


Fitted Sheet Set

  • Queen: $142.32
  • King: $148.37

Bedding Set

  • Queen: $290.09
  • King: $308.25

Luiza, Eurotex Mod Living

Here is another exquisitely soft bedsheet made of 1000 thread count containing 100% Tencel™ fiber. Luiza bed linen set is ideal for places with warm climates as the material keeps you breezy.

The combination of white and soft blue colors could give a calming effect and sense of comfort to your living room, in turn, improves your sleeping quality. White bedding continues to be the choice of many over time not only personally but also at commercial premises such as hotels, mainly because of the serene feeling together with the elegant aura it exudes.

Pricing for Bedding Set

  • Single: $141.34
  • Queen: $198.88
  • King: $217.05

Here is another bedding set manufactured by one of Singapore’s leading brands – Origin Sleep.

Origin is currently the biggest online mattress brand in the world. It is the creator of the #1 Award Winning Mattress in the country and it is made possible with world-class German engineering together with the latest technology in sleep science and mattress as well as extensive sleep tests.

Its luxurious Origin Polar Silk Tencel™ sheets are woven from pure Tencel™ lyocell which is 100% Natural Botanic Origin and sustainably sourced & produced from biodegradable eucalyptus plants

The is soft and buttery smooth, giving you an exquisitely soft and cooling feeling to the touch. In terms of absorbance, it is tested and proven to absorb 50% more than regular cotton apart from having high breathability that helps you stay dry and cool when you sleep. No more tossing and turning due to discomfort.

In most occasions the higher the thread count, the softer the fabric will get but not in this case. The fabric was woven from 400 high-quality Tencel™ thread count, thus bringing out the smooth and silky feel, softer and stronger than the sheen type of cotton such as sateen.  

Unlike the commonly used cotton and linen, Tencel™ fibers are highly durable and resistant to wrinkles, shrinkage, or thinning due to the process of being sustainably sourced & produced from biodegradable eucalyptus plants. Instead of wearing out, it will look as good as new after every wash.

available in 3 colours

Designed in Germany, it is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified which guarantees that every element of this product have been tested and confirmed to be free of harmful substances such as toxic dyes and chemicals hence making it safe and suitable even for babies.

$259.00-$359.00 per set (includes 1 bed sheet, 1 duvet cover, 2 pillowcases, and 2 bolsters).

Origin also offers a wide array of top-quality products such as mattresses, accessories, pillows, and bed frames. Click here for more remarkable details and offers from Origin!

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