Four Star Mattress Review 2024

With the innovation of mattress fabrics incorporating anti-static technology, we can now sleep comfortably without worrying since too much static electricity can cause stress, tension, and fatigue. Fortunately, in today’s shift to everything healthy, you can count on Four Star to get the best anti-static mattresses at affordable prices.

Let’s review some of the Four Star anti-static mattresses under the Detense Arcticsilk collection so you can choose the one that’s most suitable for you with ease. These mattresses are manufactured using an all-new Advanze Aire Flex technology for multi-dimensional support and airflow.



With 16 inches in thickness, this Four Star mattress falls under the thick, deep, and tall mattress (12-16 inches). It is highly recommended for bed sharers and side sleepers as it provides more cushioning besides being able to withstand heavier weight with less tendency of sagging compared to the thinner mattresses.

It features a 5 Zones Individual Pocketed Spring System together with Enhanced Foam Encasement and Firm Edge to increase variable supports for body parts, particularly the head, shoulder, back lower back, and feet to ensure proper spinal alignments while enhancing its durability.

The dual layer of natural latex also functions as the support for the natural curvature of the sleeper’s spine, allowing good pressure distribution, and contains a natural resistance to mold and dust mites.

Most importantly, it has anti-static abilities that could discharge electricity, and reduce muscle tension, thus promoting deeper sleep.

Not only you could sleep comfortably, but you would also sleep cool with the ARCTICSILK® feature which absorbs the body warmth.

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Price range: $2,399.00 – $4,299.00


This 10-inch thick Four Star mattress offers better support to sleepers weighing about 113kg and is suitable for those sleeping with small children due to its height.

It is a tight top design that provides a firmer and more responsive sleep surface compared to pillow tops and Euro top mattresses.

The 5 Zones Pocketed system with 18 cm Spring Height, Foam Encasement, and Firm Edge features gives further support to your body by conforming to your natural contour.

Sleep cool with ARCTICSILK® AIRE FLEX™, a Japanese technology, that increases airflow, offers better heat dispersion, gives a cooling sensation, regulates overall mattress temperature, and is highly breathable on top of its lavish silky touch.

This Four Star mattress also has high rebound capabilities and provides multi-dimensional support for the body.

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Price: $1,099 – $1,899



The thickness of this Four Star mattress, which is 10 inches, is ideal for those suffering from arthritis, shoulder or hip pain who need softer mattresses with enhanced cushioning. A 10-inch mattress usually comprises plusher comfort layers that conform to your curves while reducing pressure points off your shoulders, hips, and joints.

It is Euro Top designed where each layer of the mattress is even in width hence giving better edge support and is firmer on the outer perimeter but cushier in the center. The additional layer of padding is aimed at enhancing comfort with the extra layer being stitched beneath the mattress cover rather than sewn on the top, giving the mattress a neater look.

The gel-infused memory foam is able to dispel heat from the body and gives you an overall cooler sleeping surface. Its plush gives extra comfort, lessens movement due to restless sleep, and in turn minimizes sleeping disruptions via motion transfer for bed sharers.

The 5 Zones Pocketed and 22cm spring height assist the spinal alignment besides distributing weight evenly across the five zones of the mattress which contributes to the pressure points reduction, especially in the hips area.

This mattress also features the DETENSE ArcticSilk® fabric and technology, reducing the built-up negative charges known as static electricity in your body and dispersing them into the air as you sleep. The result? You will wake up feeling less lethargic.

This Four Star mattress comes in 4 sizes (Single, Super Single, Queen, and King). Get yours online now.

Price: $1,899 – $3,399

Hold on! Before making any purchase, you might want to take a look at the country’s leading mattress brand, Origin, which could offer the ideal mattress you are searching for.

Origin Mattress

Introducing, Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress, a mattress that is well-known for its functional abilities to relieve body aches while giving you a dry, breezy-snuggly, and relaxing feeling: 

Origin Sleep is a brand familiar to Singaporeans with over 50,000 satisfied customers across the country. The Origin Sleep has won more than 30 awards over the years and recent ones are Product of the Year 2023- Mattresses, Best Mattress & Bed Accessories Company 2023- APAC Insider Singapore Business Awards and #1 Recommended Mattress and Bed Accessories by Google Review.

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress

PRESSURE REDUCTION: With the extra thick mattress of 12-inch height coupled with 7-Zone ErgoCoil Micro Precision Spring as support, it could help reduce pressure at every part of your body.

BODY SUPPORT: The base is divided into 7 major zones to provide support and gently cushion points such as the hip and shoulder area.

SLEEP COOL: The Origin HexaGrid™ Memory Foam could further put you in deeper sleep as it is infused with cooling particles that could keep your body temperature close to 18.3°C.

SAFE FOR ALL: To top it all, not only it is good for your body but it is also safe for all including babies and toddlers. The product is CertiPUR-US® and CeriOEKO-TEX® certified which serves as proof that it has undergone imperative tests in independent labs to ensure it is free from harmful substances.

15-YEAR WARRANTY: You might only need to worry about buying a new mattress after 15 years as the product is made with high-quality materials meticulously, hence Origin Sleep promises a 15-year long warranty period.

120-DAY TRIAL: What if the mattress does not suit your preference after purchasing it? This is where the 120 trial policy comes in handy where you could email and return the product for a full refund within 120 days (4 months).

Sizes and Pricing

•            Single: 91 x 190 x 30 CM (27KG): $999

•            Super Single: 107 x 190 x 30 CM (30KG) : $1,199

•            Queen: 152 x 190 x 30 CM (45KG): $1,299

•            King: 183 x 190 x 30 CM (55KG) :  $1,599

Origin also offers a wide array of top-quality products such as bedding, accessories, pillow, and bedframe. Click here for more spectacular deals from this country leading’s brand.

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