Best Futons in Singapore 2024

A futon is a cushion-like mattress that can be rolled up to be stored away with ease. Futons double as both a sofa and a bed that spreads out over the floor. The word ‘futon’ originates from Japan and technically means bed. Futons are very popular in Japan because of the benefits sleeping on a flat surface has on the back, these roll-up mattresses have been known to improve spine alignment and posture. So, if you would like to experience the benefits of a futon then it’s time to put one to the test. We have scoured the web to select some of the best futons for you to take your pick.

Why Are Futons So Popular?

Besides alleviating back aches and fixing your hunched back, futons are primarily adored for their space-saving feature. They take up very little space, whether spread out or rolled up. This particularly makes them ideal furniture for small apartments or bedrooms. While there are a handful of futon beds that look like flattened uncomfortable mats, modern futon beds take on a more neat and minimalistic design that makes the space look tidy. Futons are also desirable because they are generally affordable, easy to transport and convenient. 


The JESSHEIM is a futon mattress made of polyurethane foam, so you can expect this futon to be on the firm side. Its firm texture works great at conforming to the contours of your body, supporting the sensitive areas of your joints. The foam is covered in a non-woven polypropylene fabric which is incredibly durable and naturally resistant to water, dust mites and stains. Since futons are spread over the bare floor, the hardy features of the JESSHEIM make it an ideal option. Additionally, the JESSHEIM comes with indentation lines across it to make the folding process easier. The JESSHEIM futon comes in one size that fits a single sleeper over it adequately. 

Prices & Sizing:

80 cm x 195 cm – $27.90

Muji Feather Futon 

If you’re looking for a soft futon that will ease you to the idea of sleeping on the floor, then the Muji Feather Futon is made for you. The Muji Feather Futon is filled with duck feathers and down, known for its ultra soft quality. For even more comfort, this futon is doubled filled and layered to create a more spread out core so sleepers get that cushy feel all throughout the futon. In addition to that, the Muji Feather Futon is anti-static to ensure no distractions interfere with your sound slumber. Because of its down filling, the Muji Feather Futon keeps you warm and insulates body heat. While its insulating feature may not be ideal for Singaporean weather, it is however fitting against the cold hard floor. Nevertheless, the mix of cotton into its interior filling enhances the breathability of the futon so although you’re kept warm, you won’t have to worry about breaking a sweat mid-sleep. You can easily fold the Muji Feather Futon and store it away in the packaging it comes with when not in use, making it a convenient selection for your space-saving needs. 

Prices & Sizing:

150 cm x 210 cm – $299

Ergonomic Tatami Futon Mattress

This Ergonomic Tatami Futon Mattress by KRATER is a quilted type of futon, making it exceptionally soft and cushy. Its soft-to-the-touch texture makes it perfect for first-time futon users who may be struggling to adjust to sleeping on a hard floor. The material used in the Ergonomic Tatami Futon Mattress is exceptionally breathable to prevent sleepers from feeling clammy or stuffy. The Ergonomic Tatami Futon Mattress is allergy safe as well since it has been treated to protect against bacteria, dust mites, and mold. This futon comes in an assortment of solid colors and intricate patterns. Moreover, its easy-to-fold feature makes the Ergonomic Tatami Futon Mattress especially portable and convenient to take along on camping trips or travel adventures. 

Prices & Sizing:

Single: $53.90 

Super Single: $56.90 

Queen: $69.90 

King: $85.90

Shiki Futon Mattress 

If you happen to be in search of an authentic futon straight out of Japan, then look no further! You can get your hands on the Shiki Futon Mattress from TAKAOKAYA, a Japanese bedding manufacturer that specializes in traditional futons. The Shiki Futon Mattress is filled with multiple layers of 100% organic cotton and features a removable cover that is also purely made of cotton. Its cotton material makes the Shiki Futon Mattress impressively breathable, soft and comfortable. Putting aside the pricey shipping cost, you can rest assured that you will be investing in a worthy futon that will make sleeping on the floor so much more bearable. It comes in an astonishing range of shades and patterns that will definitely stand out as the centerpiece of your bedroom. 

Prices & Sizing:

Single: $336.76

Semi Double: $394.45

Double: $455.13

Tatami 9-In-1 Futon

The Tatami 9-In-1 Futon is especially unique because of its material component. It is made of premium 100% Japanese Igusa and high-density foam. While the high density foam is responsible for pain alleviating support, the Igusa material provides the futon with antibacterial and air-purifying qualities. Made from rice straw, Igusa releases an aromatic fragrance that not only infuses a heavenly scent throughout your sleeping quarters but also keeps allergy-inducing pests away. This futon incorporates 9 different folding styles that can be transformed to your desired furniture of use, be it a side table or a single-seater sofa. Its multifunctional ability also makes folding and storing the futon aside a whole lot easier. Despite its steep price, the abundant features and exclusive aromatherapy this futon comes with makes the Tatami 9-In-1 Futon a fantastic option.

Prices & Sizing:

210 cm x 88 cm – $ 1,295

Futon beds may be convenient in terms of saving space but oftentimes, they can cause more back problems rather than fix them. While the futon beds in this list definitely stand above the rest, they still cannot compare to a proper mattress built to bolster you securely while you sleep. If you do face the problem of having to choose between a sofa or a bed with the limited space you have lying around, we strongly suggest you invest in a good bed as getting a good night’s sleep is essential to a productive day.

The Perfect Mattress For Every Bed 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress has been recognized as a flawless mattress that will not only look amazing but will enhance the qualities of the bed beneath it.  This hybrid mattress is an entire mattress type on its own, donning the benefits of a latex, foam and coil mattress in sync. The Origin Hybrid Mattress is also temperature regulating so you won’t break a sweat on scorching nights. Sink into a frosty cloud that conforms to the contours of your body, firmly supporting you as you serenely drift into snooze land. Its Plush Tencel™ Pillow Top enhances the coziness of the mattress. The Zero Motion Isolation Technology used in the manufacturing of the Origin Hybrid Mattress grants you undisturbed slumber. This remarkable mattress is available in a range of sizes, further corroborating it to be the perfect mattress for just about any bed, be it a bed frame or a Divan. 

Prices and Sizing:

Single: $399

Super Single: $499

Queen: $599

King: $829

With the right bed and mattress as the centerpiece, you can turn your bedroom from drab to fab. Click here to find out more on Origin products and special deals!

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