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Wayne Kwek

“My kids always squeeze with my wife and me in the middle of the nights because their mattress is hard and uncomfortable.

After getting Origin mattress topper for them, they finally stopped coming. But…now my wife always go missing in the middle of the nights.


She keeps going to their room for…Ooo Origin!”

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“I just have to paint these pictures to tell how much i ❤️ my sleep on my new Origin bed and pillow! No more trouble falling asleep and the perfect mood every time I wake up! @originmattress #iloveorigin1k”

Anthony Cheang

“Origin Mattress had proven to provide me the comfort level personally!!!


Eliminated disturbance!!

Backaches reduced!!

Cooling rest all night!!”


“I love Origin mattress as it’s so ‘addictive’. I am losing my early morning exercise over it.”


“Just the right balance of firmness. No regrets of my hybrid Origin Mattress !”


“One thing I like about Origin Mattress – it allows me to sleep in peace and comfort, ensuring I’m always sleeping afloat as if on cloud. The mattress provides optimal comfort!!”


“Simple – sleek , innovative , Magic , practicality, Livid & exclusive !! Simple love the feel , like sleeping on a cloud !”


“my little girl is a little sleeper and she always keep flipping, turning, and kicking the blanket away because she feels hot but after she started sleeping on @originmattress she has better sleep what this means is as parents we also get the sleep we need. thank you @originmattress #iloveorigin1k.”


“#Catjob No 41: Official Mattress Tester My hooman bought an @originmattress and got me to do some stringent QC checks first, on its comfort, support and sleep-inducing qualities. Swipe left to see my verdict… #iloveOrigin1k”


“Origin Mattress – Kids Approved Mattress! ? Super comfy to sleep on and bounce around in! ? And the kids must be thinking, how come mom and dad sometimes sleep on their beds for an afternoon nap? ? Totally #NoRegrets mattress ?”


“Shh… sweet dreams in the making on the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow? We have been using the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow for a few weeks and we love it! It is soft yet firm and provides good support for my head and neck. Especially love the soft Tencel cover is removable for washing and the pillow is made of hypoallergenic materials which really helps in reducing my sniffles in the mornings. Overall, it is very well-made – I can just tell it will last for years! ?”


“I was really impressed with the quick delivery and good quality of my origin mattress. It’s solid and heavy for its size as there are many layers that provide comfort and support needed for a good night’s sleep.”

Hisham Happi

“Thank you Origin for this god send heaven of a mattress We are really We are really happy and satisfied with our new mattress?”


“I’ve never been more chuffed about a bedsheet that can no longer fit (albeit in the same size, just see how much of the mattress is exposed!) as it bears testament to the upgraded comfort of my new mattress that I can now enjoy! Lounging on the new bed is such a luxurious treat each night! Thank you origins for my dream mattress! ?”

Hisham Happi

“If you didn’t know, recently I changed the look of my bedroom by getting a brand new mattress from @originmattress and kinda style it to my current favourites: dark grey and textures! I spend more time on my new favourite bed when I’m at home now. Seriously, try laying on it while binge-watching your favourite shows. #iloveorigin1k ???

Ordering from @originmattress was really convenient, such a steal for the price and comfort I’m getting. I ordered my mattress in the middle of the night and I had it delivered within 20-hours! Also, their delivery personnel contacted me during the day to confirm the delivery timing and I was impressed, most companies wouldn’t do such service. Nothing but great customer service!

To be frank, I was pretty skeptical about the comfort of their products but their 120-nights trial really put my at ease. Plus I visited their showroom and had a 5-mins nap to really test it out! It has enough support for my back yet it is soft to sleep on. I wake up every morning feeling great!”


“My cosy retreat, my safe haven and a productive space. During the uncertain and despairing months of Circuit Breaker, I needed to fix the mess in the room. After years of procrastination and laziness, I have finally cleaned and decluttered everything in my room, then I started decorating it bit by bit… With no major renovation, just simple upgrades and budget-friendly decorations, I finally get to have a space of my own where I can truly feel peace and happy in! ? The best investment I’ve made was to get a new mattress from @originmattress. Quality sleep made such a big difference to my daily routine, definitely worth every dollar paid for. The overall experience (from viewing ads, web navigation, selection, payment, customer service, delivery, unpacking to finally sleeping) was so simple and truly satisfying, no fuss at all. “Goodnight and sweet dreams” can’t be more apt with my Origin mattress. ?☁️✨ #iloveorigin1k”