IKEA Mattress Topper Review 2024



When your mattress is aging, the best option is to look into getting a new mattress. What if there is a better way to preserve your mattress for a longer period without coughing up money for a new mattress? A mattress topper is a thinner version of a mattress that adds plushness, comfort and protection to your own mattress. A mattress topper also helps to extend the life of your mattress without changing the quality of the mattress. Latex, foam, wool, and synthetic down are just some of the materials used in making mattress toppers.

Here are the top IKEA mattress toppers that are popular amongst users because of how well they perform.

1.      Tussöy Topper

The Tussöy mattress topper is one of the most popular IKEA mattress toppers. It is made of memory foam that conforms to your body, promotes deeper relaxation, and provides a softer sleeping surface. The mattress pad’s topside is made of stretch fabric that moves with you to maximize comfort. What makes it a fan favorite is how simple it is to maintain.

The cover of this mattress topper can be removed and washed in the machine. However, as low temperatures tend to cause memory foam products to stiffen, it is best to ensure your bedroom temperature is suitable enough to house the Tussöy mattress topper without compromising its quality.

Another reason people enjoy purchasing the Tussöy mattress topper from IKEA is because of how easily it is packed and delivered to your home. The mattress topper is roll packed, so upon delivery, it is best to let the topper sit to fully expand to its size. This incredible mattress topper comes in three different sizes which are 150X200cm, 180X200cm and 90x200cm.

Price: Ranges from $219.00 to $329.00 

2.      Knapstad Mattress Topper

Unlike regular memory foam, the Knapstad Mattress Topper is made of foam covered in a layer of gel that conforms to the shape of your body. The cover of the Knapstad mattress topper is made up of a polyethylene and polyester blend which allows the surface of the mattress topper to remain cool for a longer period of time compared to other mattress topper materials. The Knapstad mattress topper also has moisture-wicking properties that keep the mattress topper odor-free.

The second layer of the Knapstad mattress topper is made of polyurethane foam that has been infused with gel on its surface, making it more effective at regulating your body temperature. Similar to the Tussöy topper, the Knapstad Mattress Topper is also roll packed which makes it easy for packaging and transporting. If this topper has grabbed your attention, you can purchase them from IKEA’s official store as it comes in sizes of 180x200cm, 150x200cm and 90x200cm.

Price: Ranges from $299.00 to $449.00  

3.      TUSTNA Mattress Topper 

TUSTNA Mattress Topper is a well-known mattress topper that is a favorite choice among IKEA’s customers.  This mattress topper is designed to provide extra comfort and support for a good night’s sleep. It is made of a soft and comfortable material, typically polyester or a blend of polyester and other materials, which is gentle on the skin and helps to regulate body temperature. The TUSTNA mattress topper is available in various sizes to fit most standard bed sizes and is easy to care for, as it is machine washable.

It is also one of the more budget-friendly mattress toppers compared to other mattress toppers on the market. Keep in mind that everyone’s sleep needs and preferences are different, so it’s important to consider your personal needs and preferences before purchasing a mattress topper. The TUSTNA Mattress Topper comes in the sizes of 180x200cm, 150x200cm and also 90x200cm.

Price: Ranges from $299.00 to $449.00  

4.      TALGJE Mattress Topper

The TALGJE Mattress Topper has been included in this list as it is one of the mattress toppers that have been able to deliver satisfactory customer results. Compared to all the other mattress toppers, the TALGJE Mattress Topper is the most affordable mattress topper on the market.

Made up of foam, the TALGJE mattress topper adapts to the contours of your body, relieving pressure points and minimizing tossing and turning for a restful sleep. Foam mattresses are a long-lasting investment as they are made of high-density materials. This makes them less prone to wear and tear as opposed to other mattress materials. The TALGJE mattress topper has the ability to absorb motion, so even if your partner is unable to sleep or moves a lot, you will not be awoken from your sleep.

Foam mattresses tend to be more affordable than other mattress kinds, which makes them a preferred option for many buyers. The TALGJE mattress topper is a wonderful option for those with allergies or respiratory issues as they are resistant to dust mites, mold, and other allergens. If you would like to grab this opportunity and get your own personal one, the TALGJE Mattress Topper is the right choice for you. This comfortable mattress topper comes in the size of 150x200cm and 90x200cm.

Price: Ranges from $79.00 to $149.00  

The right mattress for your new mattress topper

If you would still like to purchase a new mattress to match your new mattress topper, Origin Hybrid Mattress would be the right choice.

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The Origin Hybrid Mattress is made of CertiPUR-US® certified and CeriOEKO-TEX® certified that have been tested in independent labs, proving it is free of harmful substances. To ensure you get your money’s worth, a 120-night trial period is included when you purchase Origin Hybrid Mattress. It also includes a 15-year warranty because that’s just how confident Origin is in providing its users with good mattresses.

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