Ikea Mattress Review 2024

Ikea: A complete maze for those who have never stepped foot inside the giant warehouse-like store and the reason behind the tears from your wallet as you would more often than not spend all of your savings (and even your partner’s) on things you just never knew you needed. When in actual reality for the newlyweds, the first-time homeowners, and maybe your average odd neighbor is only there for just your equally average everyday product; a new frying pan, perhaps a new rack for your books, or sometimes even a new mattress. 

Venturing into the Swedes’ world of meatballs and blue bags to purchase your first ever (or replace!)  mattress could be the best idea for you, as they offer a wide array to suit all the different needs that you could think of all under one roof. So, here is a roundup of some of the most recommended ones among the many mattresses that they offer.


Fillan is a firm pocket spring mattress offering a layer of latex that ensures your body to relax fully, as it has a layer of latex that provides a high pressure-relieving capacity to the user, and a generous layer of latex foam and polyester wadding, providing the user with comfort and support.

This mattress is available in 5 different sizes:

90x190cm: $399

90x200cm: $399

150x190cm: $699

150x200cm: $699

180x200cm: $799


Asvang is a firm foam mattress. It has a layer of wadding on top of a resilient foam layer, giving a cozy feel to the user, in addition to the quilted stretch fabric cover, ensuring a good night’s sleep for the user. The Asvang mattress is roll-packed and has practical handles on the sides, making transportation and carrying it home fast and simple. 

This mattress is available in 3 sizes:

80x200cm: $119

90x200cm: $139  
140x200cm: $169


Anneland is another firm foam mattress. It is a hybrid of memory foam and high-resilience foam, with a layer of pocket springs to provide support for your body weight. This is to ensure an even distribution which results in waking up with no back pain or body aches. This mattress includes a quilted cover, a fabric that is soft on the skin and follows the flow of your body movement during your sleep. 

This mattress is available in 3 sizes:

90x200cm: $599

150x200cm: $699

180x200cm: $799


Vestmarka is a sprung mattress that is extra firm in firmness, with a body in the color light blue. This mattress has Bonnel springs in it, giving the illusion that you are sleeping on a mattress rather than having the feeling that you are sinking into it. It also comes with a layer of foam and wadding on top of the springs, adding a layer of comfort to the firmness of the springs. 

In addition to this, this mattress is roll-packed, making it easy to travel to and from anywhere. 

This mattress comes in 4 sizes:

90x200cm: $99

120x200cm: $149

150x200cm:  $199

180x200cm: $299


Vanneried is a pocket-sprung mattress that is extra firm in firmness and comes in the color beige. This mattress gets its support from a layer of foam and individually wrapped pocket springs right underneath it, which helps to regulate your body temperature and gives you the support and comfort that you need at the end of a long workday. 

This mattress comes only in one size, as it is specifically designed for a single bed or for your day bed needs:

80x200cm: $119 

Now that you’ve read through all the different mattresses that you could get from Ikea, maybe you realize that you want to explore other brands as well, ones that are perhaps made locally.

This is where Origin’s Mattress comes to mind, an addition that would make you look forward to going to bed every day! 

Origin Mattress

To give you a leg up in your mattress-buying journey, opt for Origin Hybrid® Mattress – Singapore’s popular choice for those in search of comfort without breaking the bank. The German design has undergone more than 10 product tests and a further 100 density changes before its launch. 

In addition to that, Origin’s Mattress is made out of natural latex, cooling gel memory foam and pocket springs; ensuring comfort all at the small price of $399! 

For further information on more Origin products, click here!

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