IKEA Pillow Review 2024: Best Pillow Guide

A good pillow not only prevents dreadful neck pains but will improve the overall quality of your sleep. So if you’re laying on a crummy old pillow, it’s about time to toss it out and get your hands on a brand-new pillow. The way your spine is positioned when you’re asleep is very important and since tossing and turning do come about when we’re in snooze land, the stress caused by the odd positions we tend to find ourselves in mid-sleep can potentially cause neck and back issues. 

This is where good bedding, especially pillows and mattresses can save the day. Good quality bedding promotes proper spine alignment all while alleviating the pressure points on these sensitive areas, diminishing the pains and aches you usually wake up to. A good pillow will also support your neck by elevating the head and cushioning the places that are most prone to damage.

IKEA has a pretty impressive range of pillows with some having the option of height preference. We have narrowed the list down to a handful of IKEA’s best pillows so let’s jump right to it. 


The KLUBBSPORRE pillow is an ergonomic pillow that has been specifically designed for side and back sleepers. It’s ergonomic because of its constructive shape that conforms to the contours of the neck and head. Aside from its shape alone, the KLUBBSPORRE pillow is made of memory foam which has been known for its exceptional ability to support and alleviate pressure points. You can rest assured that this memory foam will reshape itself to cushion your neck and head even as you toss and turn. Since memory foam is an engineered material, it is hypoallergenic so it keeps those pesky allergens at bay. You will find small holes all around the KLUBBSPORRE pillow that is intended to enhance the breathability of the pillow, drying up sweat and drool before you even notice.

Another commendable feature of this pillow is its cooling gel layer designed to keep you cool throughout the night despite how hot the nights may get. The gel layer is only found on one side of the pillow so if you prefer a warmer surface to lay your head on, all you have to do is flip the pillow over. It comes with a removable cover that is soft, breathable and machine-washable, making it an overall great option for your sleep needs. 

Price: $59


Donning similar features as the KLUBBSPORRE pillow, the KVARNVEN pillow is just as exceptional, perhaps even more. The KVARNVEN pillow is perfect for those who want the functionality of an ergonomic pillow without it looking like one. It has a laminated honeycomb pattern and a cooling gel layer on one side of the pillow while the other side is left bare. While the pillow and the cover do a fantastic job at wicking moisture and circulating air throughout it, the honeycomb pattern enhances it further.

So if you tend to get clammy during the night, the KVARNVEN pillow may just put an end to your troubling night sweats. If not, simply turn the KVARNVEN pillow over and you can enjoy the pure support of the memory foam. It too comes with a removable cover but one that is more silk-like to the touch because of its nylon and elastane material. The memory foam core is ideal for that extra support you require to banish the aches and pains you regularly wake up with. 

Price: $89


The BERGVEN pillow is designed with two different height options to suit a range of preferences. If you are someone who tends to sleep on your stomach, the low option is great as it aligns your head and spine in their natural position. The high option of the BERGVEN pillow works its magic on side and back sleepers, elevating the head enough to achieve proper spine and neck alignment.

The BERGVEN pillow is a tad more expensive than other IKEA pillows and this is mainly because of its down and feather filling. Down filling is made up of light and fluffy fibers from ducks which give this pillow its ultra-soft cushiony feel. It also features a 100% cotton cover that magnifies the breathability of the pillow.

The BERGVEN pillow is what you need if you rather have a warmer surface to lay your head on since down pillows are made with the purpose to insulate. Unfortunately, if you tend to suffer from allergies then the BERGVEN pillow isn’t suitable for you as dust mites tend to reside within down and feather pillows if not washed frequently in warm water. 

Price: $129 – $149

Finally, it has come to the end of our IKEA Pillow Review but don’t go just yet as we have another option that puts forward the amazing features mentioned in this guide and may just one up all of them put together.

Meet The Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow

Latex is the holy grail of materials for mattresses or pillows because of its medium-firm texture. The Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow gives you the best of both worlds and comes with a whole lot more much-needed features such as breathability, moldability and temperature regulation. 

This hypoallergenic pillow not only keeps allergy-inducing pests away but also comes through with its durability so you can sleep safe and sound without worrying about your pillow sagging or losing its shape anytime soon. Besides cradling your head and shoulders, the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow can also be placed behind your back or in between your legs to alleviate the pressure points on these sensitive areas. This exceptional pillow is just as effective as a pain-relieving accessory as it is the perfect cuddle buddy.

Price: $129

If you want to experience laying your head on a frosty cloud, then click here to checkout with the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow.

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