Why Fans Of King Koil Mattress Are Switching To Origin Mattress Instead

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King Koil versus Origin 

Surely you can remember King Koil’s iconic commercials, where their mattresses look and feel just as comfy as your home. Hence, the tagline ‘Bringing Sleep Home”.

No doubt, the number one factor all mattresses should have is comfort. But that’s not the only important box you need to tick off your mattress buying guide. Including features like cooling effects, motion isolation, as well as risk-free clauses, here’s a detailed breakdown on King Koil mattress. 

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Comparison between Single-sized mattresses 

Pssh. We’ve also compared King Koil to Origin so you know how it fares with other premium mattress brands. 

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1. Price range — a suitable one for every budget 

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Comparison between Single-sized mattresses

While the price would usually depend on the retailer, most of King Koil’s mattresses range from $300 for a kid’s mattress to about $1,200 for a king-sized. With that, you will be able to filter out which mattresses fit your expectations and budget, without having to worry about quality. 

Origin’s mattresses are priced at an even more affordable level. Their cheapest mattress goes for $399 while their bigger, greater density mattresses go for around only $829. This is great for budget-savvy shoppers as the quality of their mattresses is not compromised as well.

Tip: Origin also offers mattress disposal services so you won’t have to wrestle your old mattress out of your home.

2. Different mattress types — cater to your specific mattress needs 

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With King Koil’s extensive range, you’ll definitely be able to sift out a perfect mattress or two. They offer a large variety of mattress types which include all sorts of thickness and different firmness. 

For example, their Monaco plush features pocketed soft spring core and luxurious memory foam to better conform to the shape of your body. 

For those who prefer a little more structure, their Siena firm is made with a supportive and firm base layer. Its individually pocketed springs give it its sturdiness to prevent it from sinking in at the sides as well. 

On the other hand. Origin mattresses have a cooling effect For the eco-conscious, their mattresses are also made with all-natural latex which contributes to the sustainability of rubber plantations. Read more about the benefits of natural latex mattress here!

3. Great edge support — prevents you from tumbling out of bed

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Many tend to overlook the importance of a good mattress edge. King Koil’s strong mattress edges prolong the lifespan of your mattress. A problem most foam mattresses face is dipping at the sides, making them appear out of shape with time. 

Origin’s innovative edge support system also ensures the same thing so you don’t have to worry about your mattresses dipping at the sides. 

4. Utmost comfort — chiropractor tested and trusted 

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King Koil Mattress have layers of top quality foam and springs provide the best spine support and optimal sleep experience. They even worked with the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) to provide the best support for your body. 

Similarly, Origin’s mattresses are designed by veterans and sleep experts in Germany. The orthopaedic team at Origin has also found that a 6.2 firmness rating is optimal for health and comfort for Singaporeans between 40KG and 120KG. 

Their mattresses are made with viscoelastic foam which promotes motion isolation. Any motion will go unnoticed in the night. This is especially great if you’re sleeping with a fidgety partner. 

They also offer a 120-night trial. Meaning you could try their mattresses for yourself to gauge how well they support you in your sleep as well as if they suit your needs.

Final review — King Koil VS Origin

No questions asked, King Koil Mattress certainly lives up to its slogan, “Bringing Sleep Home”. Whether you’re looking for a soft or firm mattress, the mattress brand is home to one of the most comfortable mattresses tailor-made for sleepers.

Despite the steep prices, you do get what you pay for. According to positive reviews, shoppers find their mattresses soft whilst sturdy and supportive at the same time. 

On the flip side, Origin‘s hybrid mattresses make up for a range of perks that that King Koil lacks. Aside from exclusive features such as motion isolation, Origin’s mattresses are also made with a premium Tencel top layer and thermally conductive gel memory foam layer to promote airflow.

So if you’re constantly losing sleep due to a fidgety sleeping partner or the island’s tropical heat, Origin will be the right fit for you.

Written by Angeline

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