10 Best Loft Beds in Singapore — With In-Built USB Port, Storage Staircase & Bookcase

loft bed in singapore

Best loft beds for a roomy illusion

More Singaporeans are borrowing a page from the Scandinavian style decor for inspo and loft beds embody this minimalist style. You get an elevated bed similar to a bunk bed, but without the lower bunk, freeing floor space for other furniture or functions. 

Most adults associate bunk beds with kids but you can customize your home to fit your lifestyle with a loft bed instead. Loft beds come in a wide array of styles but you can never go wrong with the glamour of traditionally-styled wooden loft beds. Metal loft beds have also staked their claim with their spacious modern-themed allure. 

Whatever you prefer, read on to find out the best loft beds for both kids and adults that will transform your home.

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Loft beds for kids

1. Tomato Kidz Jersey Mid Sleeper — castle-themed 

Tomato Kidz Jersey Mid Sleeper
Image credits: Tomato Kidz

This castle-themed loft bed brings joy to your kids by turning their bed space into a makeshift fortress of their dreams. Apart from the merry slide, the curtains also give your kids privacy for reading, gaming, or to contemplate their knightly duties. It also has anti-slip vertical steps and metal handles so your kids can play safely.

Opt for a golden or solid pine white finish.

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Address (Showroom):
Contact: enquiries@kidshaven.sg

2. Maxtrix Mid Loft — medieval-themed

Image credits: Maxtrix Kids

The Maxtrix Mid Loft bed is another loft bed designed to inject play and fun into your home. With the top tent, it brings out the medieval castle-theme superbly.

You also get a roomy area beneath the bunk bed for storage or study for your kids.

Crafted using top birchwood in the US, the bed is built to last. Your kid’s safety is also guaranteed since the manufacturer adheres to EU and US standards.

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Address (Showroom):
Contact: enquiries@kidshaven.sg

3. Modular Single or Super Single Loft Bed — with storage staircase

Modular Single or Super Single Loft Bed
Image credits: IBENMA

This amazing loft bed for kids is as versatile as they come. It can double as a bunk bed or even triple bunk with the pull-out option. Better yet, each step of the permanent ladder comes with a drawer to store your kids’ belongings. It can even work as a wardrobe — how convenient!

Image credits: IBENMA
Image credit: IBENMA

Made from solid Finnish pine wood, your bed gives you an elegant finish yet chic appearance. It has a child-friendly design and manufacturers use non-toxic water-based paints which are safer and healthier.

This bed meets the EN71-3 standards (compliance requirements for children’s accessories) and comes with a one year warranty, extendable to up to five years.

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Opening hours:
Daily 11AM – 8PM 
Contact: +65 6337 7476

4. SMASTAD Loft Bed — kids mini-office and storage space

Image credits: IKEA

Give your teenage kid a complete desk and storage space with this loft bed. IKEA designers have it spot on with this simple but functional design. It’s essentially a room within a room occupying just 0.18 square meters!

Your kids are also safe with the anti-slip ladder design and the anti-fall bed frames.

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5. Aime Loft Bed — DIY frame with bookcase

Aime Loft Bed
Image credits: Wayfair

Simple and budget-friendly, this loft bed from WAYFAIR is a great pick. It is the ultimate loft bed for your home office or homeschooling because of its spacious room.

The bed comes in white or black silhouetted frames coupled with a well-placed horizontal headboard, footboard, and a matching guard rail.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you will also have a field day assembling the bed.

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Contact: (617) 532 6100

Loft beds for kids and adults

6. Mid-Century Loft Bed — made with Acorn furniture

Mid-Century Loft Bed
Image credits: West Elm

This Mid-Century Loft Bed is part of the mid-Century Collection, seamlessly combining a timeless style with durable craftsmanship.

It has voguish and a beautiful driftwood finish thanks to the kiln-dried solid eucalyptus wood — engineered with an Acacia wood veneer. Manufacturers also use a non-toxic, water-based Acorn finish that ensures durability while giving you the grainy wood appearance.

The in-built USB port on the desk further gives you a complete office setting or lounging area.

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7. Taylor & Olive Abner Black Metal Twin Loft Bed — spacious loft

Taylor & Olive Abner Black Metal Twin Loft Bed
Image credits: Overstock

The Taylor & Olive Abner Twin Loft Bed has a streamlined footprint and a space-saving design. This bed’s design offers room for kids to stretch out, plus the spacious desk provides an extra space for kids to do schoolwork, gaming, or reading.

The powder-coated metal construction with anti-fall rails is also designed for safety without sacrificing stylishness.  Plus, it has support slats that fit a full-size deluxe Origin mattress.

The bed’s high-grade medium density fiberboard (MDF) desk also has an in-built keyboard tray to help declutter your working space. 

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8. Chelsea Vanity Loft Bed — vintage style

Image credits: Booly

This loft bed shows us why Pottery Barn is the master of wooden craft. They have honed their craft for more than seven decades and every piece of furniture is quite exquisite.

The loft bed is made from a seamless combination of hardwood and MDF. It comes in a white wooden design with roomy desk space and an adjacent storage area. Not to mention, the old-fashioned carvings give massive vintage vibes — a perfect space-saving loft bed frame for anyone who are retro.

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Or shop for it from Wayfair:

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9. STORA Loft Bed — for only $299

STORA Loft Bed
Image credits: Lou

This classic, dark-stained loft bed from IKEA gives you the perfect loft bed trifecta — compactness, simplicity, and streamlined design for just $299 only. It gives you ample room to dabble with designs that complement any style.

The frame is forged from quality durable materials, and it offers a good grip for safety.

Tip: Don’t use a mattress that is more than 71/2 inches (19.05 cm) thick.

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10. Timberville Loft Bed — traditionally-themed decor

Timberville Loft Bed
Image credits: Jenny

The Timberville Loft Bed has a driftwood aura that lays the foundation for a traditionally-themed decor to give your room the oomph

Not only is it stylish, but it comes with a stylish desk with drawers and an airy space below the bunk. The ladder is also non-slip, and the robust guardrails ensure that you and your family are safe.

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Contact: (617) 532 6100

Origin’s premium mattress for loft beds in Singapore

origin mattress

Complement your voguish loft bed with a superior mattress for a snug tuck-in. Few things can match a comfortable loft bed-mattress combo, welcoming you home each night.

Origin Mattress Singapore is a German-design made for health and comfort. This mattress oozes unparalleled comfort thanks to its anti-parasitic tech, hard-wearing springs, and perfect density for the average Singaporean. Here are the features that make Origin first-rate:

  • Natural Latex + Cooling Gel Memory Foam + Pocket Springs 
  • 10-Inch Cooling Hybrid Mattress 
  • 120-Night Trial; money-back guarantee, no questions asked! 
  • Low Disturbance Mattress 
  • Cooling Tencel Cover

Origin mattresses come in different sizes to fit your new loft bed – Single, Super Single, Queen, and King. Whichever size you choose, rest assured it has passed our quality assurance checks.

Order today and choose a delivery slot of your choice with, 120-night trial and 15-year warranty!

Read more about Origin mattress here.

Article is written by Nathan Machoka

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