5 Best Metal Bed Frames In Singapore 2024

Although designed with a minimalistic appeal, a metal bed frame is actually a great option if you want something that complements your bedroom. Unlike divans that oftentimes stand out like a sore thumb, metal frames can make any basic bedroom look more immaculate. On the contrary, metal bed frames can also subdue a bedroom that has too much going on. So, if you’re looking for the best metal beds on the market, then you’ve come to the right place. We surfed the gnarly waves of the net and picked 3 impressive metal bed frames in Singapore to help with your hunt for the perfect one.

Owen Metal Bed Frame 

This simplistic metal bed frame is perfect for those who prefer a no-nonsense bed frame that will either enhance the minimalism of your bedroom or tone down an over-the-top one. The Owen bed frame takes on a traditional spindle bed with a modern twist. If you have never heard of a spindle bed, it simply is a minimalistic bed that incorporates wheel-inspired spokes or soft curves on the headboard of the bed frame.

The Owen bed frame is manufactured from a powder-coated metal that is highly resistant to wear and tear so you won’t have to worry about scratches damaging your bed. This bed is also considered a safe option not only because of its sturdy build but also because of its curved edges that prevent any unforeseen injuries. The only downside of the Owen bed frame is that it comes in a narrow range of colors and sizes, so if that does not deter your thoughts on this bed frame then get your hands on it before they sell out. 

Prices and Sizing:

Super Single: $109

Queen: $149

SAGSTUA Bed Frame 

The SAGSTUA bed frame by IKEA definitely lives up to its renowned name. It takes on a vintage-inspired look, designed to detail your sleeping quarters with a sense of elegance and luxury. The SAGSTUA Bed Frame is crafted from steel that is coated in a blend of epoxy and polyester powder. The powder coating enhances the steel’s hardiness and makes the bed resistant to corrosion and chipping of the metal.

The SAGSTUA Bed Frame comes in 2 colors that feature brass-colored details on the headboard and legs that embellish the commonly simple design you usually get with metal beds. This bed frame also features tall legs as its previous contender for extra storage space; however, the SAGSTUA bed frame has stylish stoppers at the bottom. Furthermore, you can sleep soundly knowing that you and your mattress are supported by Luröy base, the whopping 17 layers of glued birch-wood slats. If you prefer an ever stronger bed frame, opt for the Lönset slatted bed base instead.

Prices & Sizing:

Lönset Base Slat:-

90cm x 200 cm – $249

120cm x 200 cm – N/A

150cm x 200 cm – $369

180cm x 200 cm – $499

Luröy Base Slat:-

90cm x 200 cm – $209

120cm x 200 cm – $249

150cm x 200 cm – $309

180cm x 200 cm – $419

Butterfly Double Bed Frame

This metal bed frame by Weixin Furniture is as sturdy as it is aesthetically pleasing. Donning a minimalistic design, this metal bed frame is manufactured from heavy-duty steel that has been coated with an epoxy finish just like the SAGSTUA Bed Frame. You can choose between a white or silver epoxy finish that contributes to the overall color of the Butterfly Double Bed Frame.

The bed frame gets its name from the butterfly silhouette that is crafted into the design of the bed, adding a sense of elegance and serenity to your bedroom. The bed frame also features plywood slats for the mattress, a wood known for its bracing support that receives additional reinforcement from a steel base. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the bed frame coming apart or creaking since its double locking joint system holds the frame in place securely. Simply select the 12mm plywood option if you want the queen-sized version of this metal bed frame. 

Prices and Sizing:

Double: $ 485

Queen: $ 585

Zinus Florence Metal Bed Frame

The Zinus bed frame features a neat and tidy design that will undoubtedly look stunning in any bedroom. It too is made up of steel that has been powder coated for strengthened longevity and durability. As you may already know, steel is exceptionally strong and can withstand immense loads, so you know for a fact that the Zinus bed frame will remain good as new no matter what may be thrown at it.

Since the Zinus bed frame is also a spindle bed by design, you will be kept safe from any sharp edges as you walk around it. While the single and super single sizes of this bed can support up to 125 kilograms, the queen variant is built to prop up a massive 200-kilogram load. Moreover, Zinus has incorporated a reinforced center beam to prevent the mattress from losing its shape and sagging. Instead of wooden slats, this bed features durable metal slats that brace the support of the bed frame even further.

Prices and Sizing:

Single: $275

Super Single: $306

Queen: $388

Idril Bed Frame 

The most intricately designed metal bed frame on our list, the Idril Bed Frame showcases a tall headboard that furnishes vertical and slanted lines that resembles the patterns on a leaf. The matte gold color this bed frame comes in further accentuates the luxurious feel of it. 

In terms of specifications, the Idril Bed Frame has a solid plywood slatted bed to prop up the mattress and protect it from wear and tear. Similar to the other bed frames on this list, the Idril Bed Frame makes cleaning a whole lot easier because of its elevated legs. The Idril Bed Frame also comes with a multitude of additional benefits such as a 10-year warranty, free-assembly and 100-day free return period. 

Prices and Sizing:

UK King: $ 499

UK Super King: $ 529

Now that you know where to find the best metal bed frames in Singapore, it’s only fair that we also show you where to get a worthy mattress to go with your new bed frame. 

The Perfect Mattress For Every Bed 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress has been recognized as a flawless mattress that will not only look amazing but will enhance the qualities of the bed beneath it.  This hybrid mattress is an entire mattress type on its own, donning the benefits of a latex, foam and coil mattress in sync. The Origin Hybrid Mattress is also temperature regulating so you won’t break a sweat on scorching nights. Sink into a frosty cloud that conforms to the contours of your body, firmly supporting you as you serenely drift into snooze land. Its Plush Tencel™ Pillow Top enhances the coziness of the mattress. The Zero Motion Isolation Technology used in the manufacturing of the Origin Hybrid Mattress grants you undisturbed slumber. This remarkable mattress is available in a range of sizes, further corroborating it to be the perfect mattress for just about any type of bed.

Prices and Sizing:

Single: $399

Super Single: $499

Queen: $599

King: $829

With the right bed and mattress as the centerpiece, you can turn your bedroom from drab to fab. Click here to find out more about Origin products and special deals!

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