Why Noa Mattress Buyers Fall In Love With Origin Instead

noa origin mattress

Looking for Noa Mattress? Hold up…

Before you decide on getting a Noa Mattress, here are a few reasons why you should consider getting Origin mattress instead!

comaprison guide between noa and origin


1. Pocket spring & hybrid foam

noa mattress

Noa mattress’ hybrid foam provides you with a breathable mattress, giving you comfort and support throughout your sleep.

On the flip side, Origin is everything that and more. Origin’s mattress is equipped with hybrid foam that is designed based on over 100,000 consumers’ feedback through extensive market research.

Not only that, the pocket springs found in the Origin Mattress is designed to cushion your weight and absorb any kinetic movement, leaving you with zero interruption throughout your sleep.

2. Cooling gel and memory foam

cooling gel memory foam

Both Origin and Noa mattresses are built in with cooling gel which helps to dissipate heat and keep your mattress surface feeling cool throughout your sleep at night.

Noa’s cooling gel layer provides unique cooling foam technology and pressure relief leaving you feeling comfortable.

Adding on to that, Origin’s cooling gel technology is simply revolutionary. Our world-class cooling gel absorbs and dissipates heat throughout the mattress and layers into the surroundings.

This means that the mattress is not only cool at the surface, it is maintained at a cool temperature throughout the mattress. This results in zero possible heat spots and the temperature of your mattress are much more stable.

3. Motion isolation (Origin exclusive)

origin motion isolation

Origin’s MotionIsolation® Technology provides you with an uninterrupted sleep experience even if beside your partner!

The pocket springs are designed to cushion and control the weight and pressure on the mattress and prevent them from spreading by absorbing the kinetic energy.

Hence you get to sleep with zero disturbance regardless of the movements made by your partner when he or she is moving or getting in and out bed.

4. Orthopedic-approved (Origin exclusive)

noa mattress

Unlike Noa, Origin was designed and created by a team of elite German Orthopedics who have over 10 years of experience in the field, creating the most perfect mattress possible.

Origin’s mattress design is backed up by science and a team of experienced orthopedics and engineers specialising in coming up with the best technology that provides you with maximum comfort. O

ur Orthopedics found that a firmness rating of 6.23 is the optimal level to provide the human body with just enough support at rest. This lets your joints sink in while leaving the rest of your body afloat on the surface. Optimal orthopaedic support results in the healthiest & most restorative sleep.


5. Origin delivers in just 2 hours

origin mattress delivery time

Origin is committed to delivering your mattress in the quickest time possible, hence we promise that you will receive your purchased products in 120 minutes after purchase or even lesser.

We guarantee that you will get to experience the life-changing difference of Origin the day you purchased it.

6. Risk-free — night trials

night trials

Every Origin mattress comes with a 120 night trial. If you do not fall in love with your Origin mattress by the end of the 120 night trial, you can return us the mattress and we will give you a full refund.

This is how confident we are of our mattress because we want you to truly love the mattress you receive from us and we are confident in the quality and comfortability of our mattresses.

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