Origin Vs Snow Slumber

TypeHybrid (Latex + Foam + Pocket spring)Hybrid (Latex + Foam + Pocket spring)  
Price (Queen)$1,499$1,099
Firmness Level7.5Customizable
Number of Layers66
Mattress Depth30.5 cm33 cm
Multi-zone Support
Motion Isolation (Zero Partner Disturbance)
Eco-friendly Foam
Machine-washable Mattress Cover🗙🗙
Trial Length120 Nights
Warranty15 Years15 Years 
Made/ Designed InGermanyChina
Free Delivery
Free Returns (Within Trial Length Period)
*Overall Score is calculated by looking at an aggregate of 14 different criteria.

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress Vs Snow Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Origin Hybrid Pro MattressSnow Luxury Hybrid Mattress
●  SmartClimate™ Cooling Technology – Regulates the body’s temperature at an optimum 18°C.
●  Polar Silk Tencel ™ CloudLux® Pillow Top – A plush and soft temperature-regulating surface layer that presents sleepers with the experience of sleeping on a metaphorical cloud.
●  Graphite Crystal Latex – A bolstering layer that absorbs and disperses body heat
●  HexaGrid™ Plus Comfort Layer – Cradles pressure points and helps alleviate aches in the joints and back.
●  Natural Wool Layer – A soft, breathable layer that enhances the comfort and cooling effect of the mattress.
●  Gravity-Defying MicroSpring Support – Layered ErgoCoil compact springs precisely respond to motion and support the sleeper.
●  Cooling Cloud Memory Foam – A cooling foam layer that absorbs motion for uninterrupted sleep.
●  7-Zone ErgoCoil Support Springs – A layer consisting of abundant springs coiled at varying tension levels to support different areas of the sleeper optimally.
●  D-3 Edge Support – Prevents the edges of the mattress from sagging and provides even support all throughout the mattress.
●  ActivSnow+ Silk™ Pillow Top – A premium stretch-knit top layer that creates a comfortable surface that is also designed to regulate the sleeper’s temperature.
●  Natural Wool Filling – Enhances breathability and comfort of the mattress.
●  Gel Memory Foam – A cooling responsive layer that minimizes motion transfer
●  Blue Pressure Massage Foam™ – A heavyweight foam layer with raised ridges that accommodates pressure relief to prevent pains and aches.
●  Snow LatexLayer™ – A bouncy layer that shapes itself to better support the pressure points on the sleeper.
●  12-Zoned Pocketed Springs – A supportive layer that creates a bracing substructure to bolster the sleeper.
●  Customisable Firmness – Sleepers can choose between a soft and firm option to better suit their comfort preference.

Temperature Regulation (Winner: Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress)

While both mattresses boast cooling properties, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress takes the win in this category because of its impressive features dedicated to temperature regulation. The Snow Luxury Hybrid Mattress is engineered to lower the sleeper’s temperature down by 7 degrees Celsius however Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress puts forward multiple features such as their SmartClimate™ Cooling Technology, Cooling Cloud Memory Foam and Graphite Crystal Latex to create a significantly cooler surface. Using in-depth research, Origin manufactured the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress to cool itself and the sleeper down to a cozy 18°C which is known to be the ideal temperature for deep undisturbed slumber.

Support (Winner: Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress)

The Snow Luxury Hybrid Mattress does surpass the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress by donning a whopping 12-zone pocketed spring layer instead of a mere 7 zones. However, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress champions its myriad of features that contribute to the mattress’ exceptional supportive quality. Equipped with dual layers of pocketed springs, three foam layers and a latex layer, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress offers twice the amount of support as compared to its competitor.

Comfort (Winner: Snow Luxury Hybrid Mattress)

In this case, comfort is measured by the firmness of the mattress along with certain added features that enhance the mattress’ comfort levels. The Snow Luxury Hybrid Mattress prevails in the comfort category solely because of its customizable aspect. The Snow Slumber mattress comes with two firmness levels to suit different preferences. Sleepers can choose between a soft version that rates a 4-5 on the firmness scale or a firmer version of the Snow Luxury Hybrid Mattress that ranks at a 7-8. The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress on the other hand is a medium-firm mattress that ranks 7.5 on the mattress firmness scale. In terms of added features, both mattresses incorporate a natural wool layer and a cushy pillow top for reinforcing comfort.

Pricing (Winner: Snow Luxury Hybrid Mattress)

The Snow Luxury Hybrid Mattress wins by default because of its comparably affordable price tag however it is important to take note of the quality and features that come with the mattress. In regards to Snow Luxury Hybrid Mattress, sleepers will be getting an incredibly supportive mattress that comes with cooling features and personalized comfort at a modest cost. Inversely, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is only slightly higher in price but does however present several more features that magnify its performance. So while both the Snow Slumber and Origin mattress are considered inexpensive options, the Snow Luxury Hybrid Mattress is the more economical selection.

Integral Features (Winner: Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress)

Both the Snow Slumber and Origin mattresses are engineered with top-quality materials and have been constructed with exemplary features but the victor of this category has to be the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress. While both mattresses incorporate features that allow motion isolation, responsive moldability, solid support, pressure relief and breathability, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is furnished with a few more. For instance, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress comes with an edge support feature that increases its durability and prevents the sides from sagging. Aside from that, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is also CertiPUR-US® and CeriOEKO-TEX® certified which guarantees sleepers with a safe tried-and-tested mattress.

Final Verdict

The winner of this face-off is the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress, earning itself an overall ranking of 8.9 while the Snow Luxury Hybrid Mattress falls shortly behind with a score of 7.5. Despite being a commendable option, the Snow Luxury Hybrid Mattress does not compare to the advanced features and specifications of the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress. A winner through and through, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress has acquired multiple awards and gained popular ratings all across the globe which has been further corroborated in this showdown against its Snow Slumber opponent.

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