Norina American Oak Bed Frame


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    A timeless hardwood bed frame with a fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese furniture style. Designed by our German professionals, the Norina American Oak Bed Frame is a strong statement furniture piece on its own.

    This platform bed frame is made from 100% American White Oak Wood – an excellent timber known for high-quality furniture. Each timber goes through a vigorous hand-selection process by our quality control team to ensure only the most premium materials used. Together with our superior proprietary manufacturing methods, our professional woodworkers carefully crafts each bed frame.

    Self-assembling with 3 Steps: Using advanced German Engineering, we have made self-assembling easier by simply having only 3 steps with only 1 manpower needed. Once pieced together, this solid bed frame stays sturdy for at least 15 years!

    Each piece exhibits a unique look with natural hard-wearing wood variations in grain, colour and texture. Add a touch of nature presence to your modern household with our Norina American Oak Bed Frame.

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