Seahorse Bed Frame Review 2024: Best Bed Frame Guide

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, a good bed frame is actually just as important as a good mattress. The purpose of a bed frame is to hold the mattress in place as it serves its role as the foundation of the bed. A good bed frame differs by putting forward a multitude of beneficial features that would not only favor your sleep but the longevity of your mattress. Exceptional bed frames are designed to be sturdy and solid, preventing them from slamming, squeaking or coming loose at the ends. Investing in a good quality bed frame will save you the cost of changing your mattress every now and then as its robust structure will keep your mattress from sagging over time.

Now, good quality bed frames do not always come with high price tags. SEA HORSE has a selection of commendable bed frames that will not break the bank. We have picked and reviewed some of the best bed frames SEA HORSE has to offer so without further ado, let’s begin!


SEA HORSE originated in Hong Kong as a brand established on household products but soon after the release of their very first mattress in 1987, SEA HORSE became recognized all across Hong Kong and Singapore as a top furniture brand. There are numerous retail chains across Singapore and their official online stores can be found on Shoppee and Lazada. 

SEA HORSE Pinewood Bed Frame (KD02N)

The SEA HORSE Pinewood Bed Frame is designed to have a minimalistic and neat appeal to blend into any bedroom. Manufactured from solid North-European pinewood, this bed frame is exceptionally strong and sturdy so despite its bare structure, you can rest assured that your bed is safe and secure. Pinewood is also naturally resistant to moisture, making it indestructible against rot and decay. Because of its pinewood structure, the SEA HORSE Pinewood Bed Frame can be easily enhanced with paint or stains of your choosing.

However, with the many features that were crafted into making this bed frame, you will not have to worry about reinforcing it anytime soon. This pinewood is sterilized and waxed to protect the bed frame from termites before being slathered with a coat of anti-mite protection so the creepy crawlies and allergies are kept away from your sleeping quarters. The unfortunate thing about the SEA HORSE Pinewood Bed Frame is that it only goes up to a queen size and comes in 2 brown shades but nevertheless, this bed frame was sold by the hundreds. 

Prices and Sizing:

Single:  $89.50

Super Single: $104.50

Queen: $129.50

SEA HORSE Bed Frame With 3 Drawers & Head-box Bed Frame (YHT-BED-N-HB)

If bare solid wood bed frames are not your ideal type of bed, then this SEA HORSE Bed Frame that comes with ample storage space may be what you’re looking for. The SEA HORSE Bed Frame With 3 Drawers & Head-box Bed Frame is a fully covered wood bed frame that is not upholstered so you still get that rustic and minimalistic bed frame. Designed as a divan, this bed frame will hold your mattress firmly as it lays over it seamlessly.

You can expect this bed frame to be exceptionally sturdy as it is supported by layers of wood and material as opposed to fragile wooden legs. Similar to the other model, the SEA HORSE Bed Frame With 3 Drawers & Head-box Bed Frame is also built to withstand termites and allergy-inducing pests. The thing that makes this bed popular among users is the additional drawers and multipurpose headboard it comes with. With a whopping 3 drawers and a sleek head-box to store your gadgets and knick-knacks, you can easily pile away the clutter into your bed. The only disadvantage we can pick from this bed frame is the limited range in color and size but fortunately, their color range of rustic colors will match any color scheme.

Prices and Sizing:

Single:  $367.20

Super Single: $391.20

Queen: $475.30

SEA HORSE Bed Frame with 2 Drawers (YHT-BED-N-36752)

Now if you are a no nonsense person and have no need for all that storage space then perhaps the SEA HORSE Bed Frame with 2 Drawers is a better fit for you. This bed frame is designed to be both functional and minimalistic without the fluff. The SEA HORSE Bed Frame with 2 Drawers is crafted with a standardized headboard that can be used as a back rest unlike the previous model. You can always use the 2 drawers as a storage space to declutter the room.

Although drawers take away from the stability of the bed, SEA HORSE bed frames that come with drawers are bolstered with an additional slat in the center to make it sturdy enough to prevent it from collapsing. Crafted from solid wood from Finland, this bed can withstand heavy weights without damaging the drawers beneath it. Similar to the other 2 bed frames on this list, the SEA HORSE Bed Frame with 2 drawers also features an even narrower range of sizes and colors. Looking past the minor disadvantages of this bed, you’ll be snagging a top-notch bed frame at an affordable price. 

Prices and Sizing:

Single:  $343.20

Queen: $415.20

By taking a closer look at the features and specifications of SEA HORSE’s best bed frames, you will get a better idea of what kind of bed frame fits your needs best or may have already found your perfect bed frame among our review series.

And now, wouldn’t you love it if your amazing bed frame had an equally amazing mattress to go with it? Well, we’ve got a special one!

The Perfect Mattress For Every Bed

The Origin Hybrid Mattress has been recognized as a flawless mattress that will not only look amazing but will enhance the qualities of the bed beneath it.  This hybrid mattress is an entire mattress type on its own, donning the benefits of a latex, foam and coil mattress in sync.

The Origin Hybrid Mattress is also temperature regulating so you won’t break a sweat on scorching nights. Sink into a frosty cloud that conforms to the contours of your body, firmly supporting you as you serenely drift into snooze land. Its Plush Tencel™ Pillow Top enhances the cosines of the mattress. The Zero Motion Isolation Technology used in the manufacturing of the Origin Hybrid Mattress grants you undisturbed slumber. This remarkable mattress is available in a range of sizes, further corroborating it to be the perfect mattress for just about any bed, be it a bed frame or a Divan. 

Prices and Sizing:

Single: $399

Super Single: $499

Queen: $599

King: $829

With the right bed and mattress as the centerpiece, you can turn your bedroom from drab to fab. Click here to find out more about Origin products and special deals!

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