5 Best Seahorse Mattress In Singapore That Are Worth Your Money

seahorse mattress singapore

Seahorse mattress Singapore

Originated from Hong Kong, Seahorse mattresses are ranked first in Singapore and Hong Kong according to the SRH report for its series of premium products at affordable pricing. 

It’s no wonder why Singaporeans are turning to Seahorse to purchase their ideal mattresses. With so many factors to consider such as the types of materials, firmness rating, comfort, and more, we have made your research a tad easier with a handy guide. Here’s an honest Seahorse review to make the deciding process much easier. 

Comparison Diamond MattressFoldable Healthy mattressHard Foam MattressAll Foam MattressFoam Mattress
Price $189$90$150$559$79
Choice of density 

1. Seahorse Diamond mattress — dual features with hard and soft sides

seahorse diamond mattress
Image credit: Seahorse Singapore

For those who can’t decide between a harder or softer mattress, this mattress is perfect for you. Seahorse’s diamond mattress ($189) features a hard side and a soft one — one on each side— and both sides are interchangeable. 

You can use the soft side, which provides maximum comfort and maintains body balance. Likewise, flip the mattress over for the harder side which provides support especially for the waist and back. 

2. Seahorse foldable healthy mattress — foldable mattress with latex foam  


Seahorse Singapore foldable healthy
Image credit: Seahorse Singapore

If you are searching for a foldable mattress that saves space, look no further. Made with hard layers of latex foam to provide firm support, these Seahorse foldable healthy mattresses go for an affordable price of $90 and even folds into 3 — a must-have if you’re looking to save space!

Seahorse hard foam mattress — soft yet sturdy 

Seahorse hard foam mattress
Image credit: Seahorse Singapore

If you’re looking for a mattress somewhere in between, Seahorse’s hard foam mattress ($150) is the perfect one for you. Featuring an 8-inch high-density foam, this mattress is thick and sturdy, whilst soft enough to not cause aches. 

4. Seahorse all foam mattress — as soft as clouds 

Seahorse all foam mattress Singapore
Image credit: Seahorse Singapore

These mattresses are 9-inches thick and made of luxurious materials including high-density sponge with premium latex foam, making it one of the softest mattresses in this list. 

This Seahorse all foam mattress does go for a hefty price of $559. However, you get a top quality high support mattress in return. 

5. Seahorse foam mattress — most affordable from $79

Seahorse foam mattress singapore
Image credit: Seahorse Singapore

If all of the above options were a little over your budget, the Seahorse foam mattress is one of the cheapest offered. It may not be the thickest, however, it definitely boosts comfort with its medium-firm foam, and the best part is that it only costs $79

Confused at what to get? Here’s what you can do.

Image credit: Seahorse Singapore

We get it, with so many specific features and mattress types Simmons offers, it can be a tad confusing for shoppers to find a suitable mattress. It certainly doesn’t help either if you have no idea of what is right for you too. 

This is why you should always try out a mattress before making a purchase. We suggest visiting any one of their physical stores and spend at least 10 minutes lying on a mattress. 

But if you’re too busy to make a trip down, night trials are another foolproof way to assess your mattress suitability. Although Simmons doesn’t offer night trials, mattress brands such as Origin offer 120 days night trial where shoppers can purchase a mattress, try it for 120 days, and opt for a full refund (and return) if it is not a right fit.

Origin hybrid mattress

Plus, the Origin hybrid mattress is an all-rounder designed for the sleepers with varying sleeping needs. It features 3 types of mattress material — pocketed spring, memory foam, and a layer of natural latex. 

Sleepers who suffer from back pains will find comfort in Origin’s memory foam while those with allergies will find the natural latex layer a godsend. 

Here are a list of features that Origin is known for as well:

  • Cooling technology — keeps you cool throughout the night
  • 120-Night Trial; money-back guarantee, no questions asked! 
  • Low Disturbance Mattress 
  • Orthopaedic-approved 
  • Cooling Tencel Cover

Cover image adapted from Seahorse Sinagpore

Article written by Angeline

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