Sealy Mattress Review 2024

A mattress should not only give you a snuggly feeling and comfort but should also improve your sleeping posture. Inadequate support to your body especially in the lower back, spine, and hip area during hours of sleep may result in discomfort, restless sleep, and an aching body.

Waking up pain-free with Sealy Posturepedic® mattress

Committed to delivering quality sleep from every aspect possible, Sealy came up with mattresses made of Posturepedic technology featuring orthopedically correct design. These are the brand’s signature products that are invented to promote better spinal alignment and keep back pains at bay.

Sealy Posturepedic® was first developed back in the 1950s when the US-based Sealy worked with the leading orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Robert G. Addison, who was also a renowned authority on back pain.

Hotel Comfort In Your Bedroom

Sealy mattresses’ exquisite comfort, support, and durability have earned the trust of many five-star hotel chains around the world such as JW Marriott, Holiday Inn, St Regis, Sheraton, and many more. If you love the cozy feeling of sleeping in these well-known hotels, then wait no more and shop for Sealy Posturepedic online or visit its stores across Singapore to indulge in the same comfort in your very own bedroom.

Here are some options for Sealy mattresses for you:

Sealy Posturepedic® Aspire Collection (EXUBERANCE)

This Sealy mattress model has a thickness of 11 inches, sufficient to keep the spine in a neutral position for back and stomach sleepers. It provides great comfort, especially to the back and hip area with ComfortCore®, an ultra-soft foam, together with the layers of Fibre Lux, Super Soft Foam, 2 times High-Performance Foam, and Heavy-Duty Dura Pad.

No matter if you are a heavy or light sleeper, sleeping alone or bed sharer, the SRX® Titanium Coil alternating spring technology can sense your weights and provide the deep-down correct support for your body.

The SmarTex® Fabric is an ideal mattress layer, especially for the tropical climate in Singapore as it could disperse heat and moisture when necessary, providing breezy comfort when you sleep.

Moving the mattress when changing the bedsheet could be a tiresome task but with the Lift Right™ Wrap Handles located on each corner, you could easily use them as additional gripping points when handling the mattress.

Price: $2,429.10 – $3,329.10

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Sealy Posturepedic® Enhance – Hotel Collection (EMERALD SUITE)

The Sealy Posturepedic® Hotel Collection added a contemporary and luxurious touch to your bedroom, just like the five-star hotel room. Lavish fabrics used as the finishing gives the mattress a stunning suede border look while the exquisite embroidery of the model’s name on the mattress just tops it off.

This thick and tall mattress (13 inches) with medium firmness level suits best for heavyweight sleepers with any sleeping position, supporting the body weights with a less sinking feeling.

You can get the ample sleep and rest needed without being disturbed even if your bed partner tosses and turn or moves around thanks to the UNICASED XT® EDGE SUPPORT locked into the support system. Besides providing a stable sleep surface it also helps reduce motion transfer. It is the best choice for parents who sleeps with their baby especially a newborn since they tend to be awakened by any slight movement.

With this Sealy mattress, you can sleep peacefully throughout the night even in the hot weather as the Exclusive Ice-Touch® Technology is cool-to-touch and provides an instant cooling effect on the skin. In addition, the innovative breathable fabric, Spacer Gusset, is aimed at improving ventilation and airflow throughout the night.

Price: $2,999.40 and $3,959.40

Purchase this hotel collection here

SEALY LITTLE ONE – Exclusive Baby Cot Mattress

At Sealy, you can get a double-sided baby cot mattress that features a firm side designed for infants and a medium soft-side suitable for toddlers.

This Sealy mattress for your little ones is made of Green Foam that is supportive and free from harmful chemicals. Not only the mattress is tested safe for infants, but the removable outer cover provided is also OEKO-TEX certified and contains antibacterial features.

The hypoallergenic material is essential for baby’s sensitive skin while the water-repellent inner cover helps to repel liquid such as sweat and diaper leakage apart from being easy to wipe off, making it less hassle for moms to keep the mattress clean and hygienic.

Another appealing trait of this Sealy mattress is its breathability and SmarTex® Treatment which responds only when necessary to disperse heat and moisture, allowing your baby to feel cool, comfortable, and dry during sleep.

The mattress is 4 inches thick, the recommended thickness for infants and small children. Mattress thicker than 6 inches could pose a suffocation risk as they can sink into the soft surface.

Price: $449.10

To purchase the Sealy Little One – Exclusive Baby Cot Mattress, click here

Hold on! Before making any purchases, you might want to take a look at the country’s leading mattress brand, Origin, which might just have the ideal mattress you are searching for.

Introducing, Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress, a mattress that is well-known for its functional abilities to relieve body aches while giving you a dry, breezy-snuggly, and relaxing feeling:

Origin Sleep is a brand familiar to Singaporeans with over 50,000 satisfied customers across the country. The Origin Sleep has won more than 30 awards over the years and recent ones are Product of the Year 2023- Mattresses, Best Mattress & Bed Accessories Company 2023- APAC Insider Singapore Business Awards and #1 Recommended Mattress and Bed Accessories by Google Review.

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress

PRESSURE REDUCTION: With the extra thick mattress of 12-inch height coupled with 7-Zone ErgoCoil Micro Precision Spring as support, it could help reduce pressure at every part of your body.

BODY SUPPORT: The base is divided into 7 major zones to provide support and gently cushion points such as the hip and shoulder area.

SLEEP COOL: The Origin HexaGrid™ Memory Foam could further put you in deeper sleep as it is infused with cooling particles that could keep your body temperature close to 18.3°C.

SAFE FOR ALL: To top it all, not only it is good for your body but it is also safe for all including babies and toddlers. The product is CertiPUR-US® and CeriOEKO-TEX® certified which serves as proof that it has undergone imperative tests in independent labs to ensure it is free from harmful substances.

15-YEAR WARRANTY: You might only need to worry about buying a new mattress after 15 years as the product is made with high-quality materials meticulously, hence Origin Sleep promises a 15-year long warranty period.

120-DAY TRIAL: What if the mattress does not suit your preference after purchasing it? This is where the 120 trial policy comes in handy where you could email and return the product for a full refund within 120 days (4 months).

Sizes and Pricing

•            Single: 91 x 190 x 30 CM (27KG): $999

•            Super Single: 107 x 190 x 30 CM (30KG) : $1,199

•            Queen: 152 x 190 x 30 CM (45KG): $1,299

•            King: 183 x 190 x 30 CM (55KG) :  $1,599

Origin also offers a wide array of top-quality products such as bedding, accessories, pillow, and bedframe. Click here for more spectacular deals from this country leading’s brand.

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