Origin Enhanced Flippable Topper

$642.60 $459.00

Discover the unmatched versatility and luxury of the Origin Enhanced Flippable Topper, designed to cater to your unique comfort needs. This innovative topper offers a dual-sided feature that allows you to choose between soft and firm comfort, adapting effortlessly to your sleeping preferences. Experience the ultimate in flexibility and sleep technology.


  • Dual Comfort Options: Easily switch between soft and firm sides to match your comfort preference.
  • Premium Materials: Constructed from high-quality materials for durability and exceptional comfort.
  • Cooling Technology: Stay cool throughout the night with advanced cooling properties designed to regulate your body temperature.
  • Removable Cover: Features a washable cover that makes maintenance simple and extends the life of the topper.
  • Designed for Versatility: Enhances any sleep setup, whether paired with an Origin Mattress or used to rejuvenate an existing mattress.
  • Thickness: 10cm
  • ⁠Pair with an Origin Mattress for the ultimate sleep set up


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