Origin Arctic Pro Hybrid Pillow

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Meet the 6-layer Origin Arctic Pro Hybrid Pillow – the result of innovative technology combined with the most premium materials.

The cover layer is made of super-soft Polar Silk Tencel™️, which is silky and smooth to the touch, and is surrounded by our AeroMax Mesh for superior temperature regulation and airflow.

Hundreds of Origin Arctic Cubes fill the pillow, made of our signature CloudCool cooling gel-infused memory foam. The Arctic Cubes simulate a light massage on your neck and shoulders, as the cubes gently press onto your muscles with slightly different levels of pressure. This innovative pressure-variation is not only insanely comfortable, but it also helps with neck alignment and blood circulation and gently cradles your head and neck through the night.


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  2. 2 Years Warranty
  3. Designed in Germany
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