If You Enjoy Simmons Mattress, Here’s Why You Should Switch To Origin

simmons mattress and origin mattress

Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Line VS Origin Mattress

Known for their line of “beauty rest” mattresses, Simmons has remained one of the top mattress providers in Singapore. 

While the term “beauty rest” may be marketing hype, having enough sleep does have an impact on our outward appearance. While you sleep, the skin produces new collagen which prevents fine lines and sagging. You will be surprised that sleeping for just 5 hours can give you twice as many wrinkles as compared to 7 hours of sleep. 

Which is why we’ve done a deep-dive on why Simmons provides some of the best mattresses. But most importantly, how Simmons fares when compared to another premium mattress brand such as Origin:

simmons mattress review with origin mattress

1. Wide price range — find a mattress within your budget

simmons mattress price night trials warranty
Comparison between single-sized mattresses 

As with most premium mattress brands, high-quality mattresses tend to be a tad more expensive. The Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Line goes for under $800 while the rest of their high-quality mattresses go for an average of $2,000. They also offer a 10-year warranty with free delivery including a one-time return. 

As for Origin, however, their mattress prices are significantly more affordable. A Single-sized mattress goes for $399 while their king-sized mattresses go for around $829

Even better, Origin also offers a 15-year warranty along with free delivery islandwide in 2 hours. Their mattress disposal service will also make it more convenient for you to incorporate your brand new mattress into your room. 

2. Cooling technology — perfect for Singapore’s warm weather 

simmons mattress cooling memory foam

With Simmons’ cooling technology, you can save money instead of blasting your air conditioner. 

Simmons uses AirCool® Memory Foam, a type of cooling technology that relies on conductive methods drawn from diamonds to help remove heat away from your body while you sleep. 

The layer of latex gel is also antimicrobial — which helps to destroy germs and bacteria whilst improving air circulation around you to induce better sleep. 

On the other hand, Origin’s hybrid mattress has Hypercool™ cooling technology which releases body heat. Their mattresses also include an additional premium Tencel cover that promotes air flow on top of a thermally conductive gel memory foam layer.

3. Maximum comfort — utilises 800 to 1000 density pocketed coils  

simmons mattresss pocket spring

Each Simmons Beautyrest Line Mattress Line consists of 800 coils for a springy and bouncy experience. When you roll around, you won’t feel stiff as a log as the springs help to cushion every movement. 

While Origin’s hybrid mattresses may not boast that many springs, they do have Micro Precision Springs™️, which are high-quality springs made with state-of-the-art motion isolation technology. To make it up, their mattresses are made of memory foam that cushions the body and relieves pressure points, ensuring your sleep is just as comfy. 

4. Eco-friendly designs — sustainable in the long run

simmons mattress

For those who are eco-conscious, Simmons’ mattresses are made of eco-friendly designs, including the Harmony Luxwhich incorporates the Seaqual™ technology — a sustainable initiative that uses recycled plastics from the ocean to create their super soft yet durable fabric surfaces. 

The Origin mattress is also eco-friendly as it’s made with an additional layer of all-natural latex as well. Such a mattress is biodegradable and even contribute to the sustainability and well-being of rubber plantations. You can read more about the benefits of natural latex here.

5. Motion isolation — never wake up because of your partner 

motion isolation simmons

Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Line is effective at motion isolation. This means that there will be little to no disturbance when somebody else moves on the same mattress as you. This is perfect for those who sleep with fidgety sleepers. 

Similarly, Origins mattress also boasts great motion isolation. Its viscoelastic memory foam paired with individually pocketed quality springs ensures you barely feel your partner squirming around in bed. 

6. Orthopaedic design — approved by the experts 

orthopaedic designed simmons

While Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Line contains foam designed by orthopaedics, Origin’s overall mattress design was engineered by professional orthopaedics, giving them plus points. 

Their mattresses are specifically designed to ensure ultimate comfort. The orthopaedic team at Origin’s found that a 6.2 firmness rating is optimal for health and comfort for Singaporeans between 40KG and 120KG. 

Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Line — wide range available 

Their stacked fabrics on top of many high quality springs ensure maximum comfort and support. Their mattresses also come along with various bedding accessories like their DeepSleep pillow and mattress protector. Paired with eco-friendly options, sleep with peace of mind that Simmons mattresses are not made at the expense of the environment. 

origin hybrid mattress

But if Simmons’ mattresses are beyond your budget, the Origin hybrid mattress will be right up your alley. 

Whether it is comfort, cooling technologies or services, Origin offers quality mattresses at an affordable price point from $399 only. The German design aims to provide premium mattresses to all households and keeps their promise by keeping prices affordable. Coupled with free, same-day delivery within 2 hours and a 15-year warranty, you’ll be bound to be satisfied. 

Article written by Angeline

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