5 Best Sofa Beds In Singapore That Are Worth Your Money

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Value-for-money sofa beds

Finding the perfect sofa bed can be a bit tricky because you have to consider a lot of things. You have to find one that can help you save space and fit your room decor at the same time. That’s why we’ve put together a list of things to consider while purchasing a sofa bed.

Ranked according to prices, here is a list of the top 5 sofa beds in Singapore that are value-for-money

What to consider when buying a sofa bed.

1. Size

While buying a sofa bed, you need to consider how much space you will require and if any, excess space for the sofa bed to expand into its full size. 

2. Types

There are a lot of options when it comes to styles. Do you want a sofa bed that extends into a bunk bed? Or a double-seater sofa bed? The options are endless. 

3. Quality

Your bed is a vital part of your everyday life. Since you’ll be spending hours lying on it, you don’t want to buy a sofa bed that’ll have you waking up with body pain every morning. Keep tabs on the quality of the foam, the open and close mechanism, and the quality of the frame. 

4. Styles

It’s also very important to choose a sofa bed that fits the style of your bed. Is your living space modern? Chic? Whatever the style, you should pick a sofa bed that blends and doesn’t look odd.

5 Best Sofa Beds In Singapore

1. Riteng DIY Foldable Sofa Bed — secret pockets

Riteng DIY Foldable Sofa Bed
Image adapted from Lazada

This sofa bed doubles up as a sofa and a bed with its adjustable arm and backrest. The armrest and backrest can be adjusted to turn this sofa bed from a comfy sofa to an equally comfy bed. It is a 2-to-3-seater that also comes with secret pockets to store things away from prying eyes. 

This sofa bed is also made with breathable material that allows air circulation and is easy to wash all at a cost of $155.37.

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2. HOLMVAM 3 in 1 Pull Out Bed Frame — stain-resistant fabric

HOLMVAM 3 in 1 Pull Out Bed Frame
Image credit: Bed and Basics

This simple yet classy sofa bed comes as a single-seater sofa that can be extended to make more room for sleeping. The lower bed can be pulled out in both positions and can be folded back under the sofa when not in use.

And if you have kids at home, you’ll be glad that the HOLMVAM sofa bed ($399) is made of water-resistant fabric, allowing you to quickly wipe away any spill. 

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3. Bed and Basics Massimo Sofa Bed — extra storage space

Bed and Basics Massimo Sofa Bed
Image credit: Bed and Basics

This sofa bed provides excess storage space to keep your home clean and tidy. Whether you’re looking for a nearby compartment to store your readings or snacks for a Netflix binge, Massimo’s spacious design is the perfect solution. 

That’s not all, the backrest is also reclinable for extra sleeping space. In the day, you can ditch the armrest and footrest for a classic sofa look.

This sofa bed is made of easy-to-clean, high-quality faux leather material; making it one of the best sofa beds in Singapore. The Massimo sofa bed goes for as low as $499

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4. Braddon Grey Sofa Bed – 2-seater sofa-cum-double bed

Braddon Grey Sofa Bed
Image credit: MegaFurniture

Braddon’s double bed is a chic and modern-looking sofa bed perfect for couples to snuggle on. It comes as a 2-seater sofa and can be extended to become a double bed. This sofa bed easily passed as one of the best sofa beds in Singapore with its high-density foam and solid wood internal structure. This sofa bed costs $599, but you can pay $199.67 by instalment for 3 months. 

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5. Slumbersofa Duo Sofa — slatted orthopaedic base

Slumbersofa Duo Sofa
Image credit: Spaceman

This beauty can be converted from a sofa to a beautiful, spacious bunk bed. The bottom bunk comes with a slatted orthopaedic base which helps to relieve the pressure on certain parts of your body by absorbing and redistributing them.

In terms of safety, the mechanism was made in Italy and has an optimized safety rail, ladder, and key-based locking system made with the finest engineering.

This sofa is one of the best sofa beds in Singapore because the fabrics are fire retardant and most fabrics come with a special treatment to shield the cloth from HydroCare coating —  a kind of liquid infiltration to protect the fabric from spills. 

You get all the amazing features of this sofa bed for a price range of S$6,188 to S$10,388, depending on the cover. Take your pick from hundreds of different choices — cotton, plastic, natural leather, and more. The Installation and delivery fees vary depending on the model chosen.

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Opening hours: Mon – Sat, 10AM – 7PM (Closed on Wed)

The best sofa bed to consider

Sofa beds have become a thing as they save space and money, Before you commit to a purchase, don’t forget to consider all the factors listed above to decide which sofa bed is best for you. Afterall, sofa beds are big-ticket items and you won’t want to make an impulse purchase. 

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