The Truth About Sonno Mattress — A Detailed Review On The Original & Lite Mattresses

sonno mattress

Sonno Mattress Review

If you’ve been on a hunt for a new mattress, you may have come across Sonno — an Italian design priced from a competitively low from $399. The Malaysian start-up may be only a few years’ old but has since clinched the Superbrands award in 2019 in the local scene.

With attractive packages such as free shipping, delivery in a box, 100-day trial, and free return, it’s clear why Malaysians are hyping about the start-up. They have since expanded into Singapore and you might wonder how Sonno fare as compared to other prestigious mattress brands in Singapore.

In this review, we put the Sonno Original and Sonno Lite to the test and compared it to the Origin Hybrid® Mattress for a detailed step-by-step comparison guide. Read on to find out if Sonno is worth the hype.

sonno mattress comparison

1. Orthopaedic designed — unique layered mattress for maximal benefits 

sonno mattress price material

When it comes to engineering the best mattress, there is no debate that comfort is a top priority. Both Sonno and Origin show this by using memory foam — a popular type of mattress material that contours to your body shape and relieve body aches. 

There are, however, slight differences between Sonno and Origin. 

Sonno Original VS Origin Hybrid® 

Sonno Original is exceptionally similar to the Origin Hybrid® since both mattresses have a unique 3-layered design. Out of the 3, 2 layers are made of the same materials — memory foam and natural latex

Both materials provide body relief in different ways — memory foam hugs and contours to your body shape whereas sleepers who prefer firm mattresses will find natural latex a godsend. Combine both and you’ll get the best of both worlds. Sleepers with allergies or sensitive nose will also love the addition as natural latex is hypoallergenic and dust mite proof. You can check out more about natural latex here.

The 3rd layer, however, is where the difference lies. Sonno Original uses Support Foam to ensure even weight distribution. On the flip side, Origin contains Micro Precision Springs™️ for a long-lasting bounce. This prolongs the lifespan of the mattress of up to 10 years. 

Sonno Lite VS Origin Hybrid® 

Remove the natural latex layer from Sonno Original and you’ll get Sonno Lite. For just $599 for a King-sized bed, it is a cheaper alternative for budget-savvy shoppers. Sleepers who aren’t suffering from allergies can also consider Sonno Lite.  

Tip: If you’re keen on Sonno Lite in Super Single, the Origin Hybrid® is a much better deal as it has a natural latex layer for the same price at $399!

2. Enhanced airflow — cooling effects 

sonno mattress enhanced airflow

Except for Sonno Lite, both Sonno Original and Origin Hybrid® boast cooling effects so that you will never wake up sweaty in the middle of the night. 

And if that isn’t enough to combat the humidity, the Origin Hybrid® mattress also comes with an additional Origin® Airflow Tencel to drive the heat away. This extra layer contains hypoallergenic properties and a premium surface so breathable that heat is released throughout the night.

Top off with a thermally conductive gel memory foam layer, expect double the coolness, double the comfort. 

3. Mattress covers for protection

sonno mattress removable cover

Most homeowners will invest in a mattress protector to extend the lifespan of the mattress — racking up the bill as a result. Thanks to Sonno’s in-house mattress covers, cash in on your savings on a durable mattress instead. 

Both Sonno’s mattresses feature a smooth cover engineered by the Outlast® technology textile for temperature control. Note that only Sonno Original’s fabric covering is removable for washing only.

On the other hand, Origin’s non-removable Origin® Airflow Tencel (as mentioned earlier) comes with its exclusive heat-proof features as well. 

4. Motion isolation — disturbance-free night

sonno mattress motion isolation

Definitely a plus point for sleeping partners sharing a bed, both Sonno and Origin have motion isolation features for a disturbance-free night. With Sonno mattress’s Zero Disturbance Technology and Origin’s kinetic-free motion memory foam, toss and turn however you like and still get a well-rested sleep. 

5. Night trial — risk-free purchase 

sonno mattress night trial

Whether you’re a confident shopper or an inexperienced newbie at buying mattresses, you should always opt for a risk-free mattress as a form of a money-back guarantee. In the event that you’re unsatisfied with your mattress, you can then get a full refund within a limited time frame.

Online mattress companies such as Origin and Sonno are 2 great examples. Both brands offer night trials so that shoppers can assess the suitability of their new purchases. Try it in the comforts of your own home and put it to the test in the next 100-120 days. 

And if you prefer trying out before confirming your purchase, Origin has a showroom located in central Singapore.

Address (Showroom): Mactech Building, 2 Kallang Pudding Road, #02-04, S349307
Opening Hours: Daily, 11AM – 5PM (Closed on PH)
Nearest MRT Station: Mattar (Downtown Line)

Note: Sonno requires shoppers to own their new mattresses for a minimum of 25 days before they can opt for a return. 

6. Free deliveries with mattress disposal services 

sonno mattress delivery & mattress disposal

In terms of customers’ satisfaction, both Sonno and Origin are go-getters in this field with deliveries at NO extra charge. And if you’re in a rush, Origin’s same-day delivery and Sonno’s 2-day delivery are by far the fastest services among other online mattress companies. 

That’s not all — top up another $50 to dispose of your mattress and leave the heavy lifting to the delivery specialists. Leave the cardio workout to them while you welcome your new purchase with peace of mind. 

Does Sonno mattress offer the best deal?

While Sonno offers 2 types of mattresses with different qualities for shoppers to choose from, it is clear that Sonno Lite is suited for budget-savvy shoppers while the Sonno Original is great for sleepers looking for comfort and quality. 

The Origin Hybrid® is extremely similar to Sonno Original in terms of its unique 3-layered mattress feature, but with more attractive risk-free purchases and services. Not only do you get to enjoy free, same-day delivery and an extended night trial by 20 more days, Origin is also significantly more affordable

Unless you’re specifically looking for a no-springs mattress, Origin will be right up your alley in terms of affordability, quality, and services — no questions asked.

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