8 Best Space-Saving Furniture In Singapore To Turn Small Bedrooms Spacious

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Space-saving furniture for a roomy illusion

It is common to get by with small homes in Singapore, meaning even smaller rooms in your humble abode.  A smarter way to furnish your rooms would be to opt for space-saving furniture, so your rooms look and feel bigger than they really are. Read on for the 8 top space-saving furniture in Singapore. 

1. IKEA’s Granboda — compressible tables  

IKEA foldable tables
Image adapted from: IKEA

This set of 3 tables not only looks sleek and clean, but is also multi-purpose. 

When laid out, it forms a long table, allowing you to store documents and stationery. If you ever need extra storage space, compress these tables together and you get a compartment to temporarily store your belongings. 

So if you’re generally unorganised or have a mum who constantly nags at you to put your belongings away, this IKEA piece is a godsend. 

Check out this multi-use table here

2. Ewins’s +39 Olpa Folding — sleek table top hidden in a shelf 

Ewin’s +39 Olpa Folding
Image adapted from: ewins

Ewin’s +39 Olpa Folding is basically a tabletop that can be tucked neatly into a regular bookshelf. This saves you space as you won’t need a full-blown desk anymore. 

The foldable panels also hide any unsightly mechanisms that enable the desk to be pushed in and out, ensuring a clean and sleek finish. 

Check out this sleek tabletop system here

3. IKEA’s Tranaro — 3-way use as a stool, table, and cloth hanger

IKEA’s Tranaro space-saving
Image adapted from: IKEA

The IKEA’S Tranaro can be used in not one, not two, but a whopping 3 ways for your everyday use.  

It can be used both as a basic stool and a bedside table. If you need extra closet space, it can also be hung up on your wall to hang your clothing. 

When not in use, simply stack them up and store them neatly at the side. 

Check out this piece from IKEA here

4. Spaceman’s Liberty — bed in a wall 

Spaceman’s Liberty
Image adapted from: Spaceman

This wall-bed is the epitome of space-saving furniture in Singapore — it folds away neatly, either horizontally or vertically, into a wall. 

Spaceman’s unique innovation uses a soft open/close mechanism, ensuring ease when handling. It’s easy to lift and the bed glides smoothly to the ground when pulled out. The wall-bed is also customisable with an optional bookshelf or drawers and comes in multiple sizes to fit your room. 

Check out this sleek bed here

5. Spaceman’s Slumbersofa Plush — sofa with a hidden bed 

Spaceman’s Slumbersofa Plush
Image adapted from: Spaceman

Couch by day, bed by night — this sofa with a hidden bed by Spaceman allows you to have both. Their mechanism allows for smooth unfolding and folding of the bed, so you’ll be able to knock out ASAP after a long day without exerting too much force. 

Optional features include a concealed foldable headrest, table and shelves.

Check out how this sofa bed works here

6. Ewins’s Roomier Finch Bed to Desk — table to bed with just a flip

Ewins’s Roomier Finch Bed to Desk
Image adapted from: ewins

This full-sized desk comes with a hidden unfoldable bed, the perfect multi-tasking furniture piece. The best part is that the bed can be unfolded without having to move anything on the tabletop, making it a breeze to unfold your bed for a quick nap. 

Check out this multi-tasking tabletop-bed here.

7. Spaceman’s Slumbersofa Pronto — smooth unfolding sofa bed 

Spaceman’s Slumbersofa Pronto
Image adapted from: Spaceman

Many sofa beds claim to be easy to unfold, but have heavy and stiff unfolding mechanisms. 

The slumbersofa pronto by Spaceman has a quick pull-out transformation system that allows you to turn your sofa into a bed of your choice in seconds. Not only are these available in multiple sizes, they are also highly customisable. 

With over 200 fabric and leather cover options as well as a wide array of arm designs — slim or chunky, you will definitely be able to tailor-make one to suit your room. 

Check out how this sofa bed works here.

8. IKEA’s NORDLI bed frame — plenty of storage compartments 

IKEA’s NORDLI bed frame
Image adapted from: IKEA

IKEA’s NORDLI bed frame has drawers underneath to provide plenty of space for storage, and are built with a soft-close mechanism to ensure a quiet closure so you don’t disturb the rest of the household. Plus, the adjustable headboard allows for optional built-in bedside tables for extra storage. 

Check out this storage bed here

Origin’s ultra comfy hybrid mattress 

While saving space is made easy and possible with these smart furniture, you should never compromise when it comes to comfort. Origin Mattress Singapore provides compatible mattresses that go with these space-saving furniture from just $399!

These mattresses are German designed with all-around support latex and memory foam. Their signature pressure-relieving foams and quality springs will ensure that you’ll never wake up on the wrong side of the bed. 

Check out their exclusive features: 

  • Combination of natural latex, cooling memory foam and top-quality springs 
  • 10-inch cooling hybrid mattress 
  • Low disturbance mattress 
  • Cooling tencel cover 
  • Orthopaedic-approved
  • Motion isolation

Tip: If you’re still not certain about the suitability of Origin’s mattresses, you’ll be glad that they also offer a 120 night trial, allowing you to try out their quality mattresses for about 4 months before you commit to buying! Rest assured, they guarantee your money back if you are unsatisfied. Check out this link for more details.

Cover image adapted from Spaceman and ewins

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