At Origin, we strongly believe in doing our part to keep this beautiful green dot habitable for future generations. And so we’re committed to using our technology and knowledge to do what we can, and make the future greener.

The journey won’t be easy; it will take effort and time. But we won’t stop until we’ve done everything we can. We will continuously assess and refine our business processes until we can confidentally say there’s nothing left to improve.

What we’ve done so far

Zero Wastage: returns donated to Salvation Army & Project Stable Staples

When looking at ways to help the environment, we reflected on common practices in the mattress industry. Companies often have free return policies, and once a mattress is returned it can’t be sold –  which leads to many being dumped in landfills.

And so we decided to partner with local charities worldwide to achieve zero wastage and zero landfill dumping. And best of all? Our charity partners worldwide help to deep clean the returned mattresses and give them to those that need it most

Eco-friendly Materials

As part of our green mission, our research team is constantly trying to identify more environmentally-responsible materials we can use.

All our layers (memory foam, springs and latex) are infused with bio-degradeable materials developed in-house.

We have also been independently-tested in third party labs and been certified by OEKO-TEX® (a safeguard against harmful substances) and CertiPUR-US®, as our products are made “without mercury, lead and heavy metals, ozone depleters, formaldehyde, VOCs, phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission” and more.

Over the next few years we will continue to swap existing materials for recycled ones, and will continue to develop products that improve sleep and positively impact the environments.

Green Manufacturing

Aside from using environmental materials, ensuring that no products go to waste, and fighting deforestation by planting trees – we also had a look at our manufacturing.

And so we have incrementally refined our manufacturing processes to reduce the emission of C02 and other harmful substances.

Our combined efforts have been acknowledged through multiple sustainability and eco-friendly awards – but the journey has only just begun.

Our next short-term goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by another 50% by 2026, and to be Net Zero by 2030.