Why TEMPUR® Mattress Buyers Fall In Love With Origin Instead

tempur vs origin

The truth about TEMPUR® mattress 

Ask any flat owners and 8 out of 10 will admit that buying mattresses is a confusing process. With so many brands vying for your attention, many buyers simply stick to familiar brands and assume they’ve made the best decision. 

To help you with your mattress buying journey, we came up with a comparison guide on Noa, Hayley, and now, TEMPUR. Before you commit to buying, here’s an insider look at how TEMPUR mattresses fare as compared to Origin.

comparison guide tempur origin

Read on for an in-depth guide on why TEMPUR mattress buyers make the switch to Origin instead.

Features – TEMPUR® VS Origin

1. Save 90% of your budget with Origin mattress

price comparison guide
Price comparison of a Queen-sized hybrid bed between TEMPUR and Origin

For the same premium pocket spring and hybrid foam mattresses, enjoy budget-friendly price tags when you get a Queen-size mattress for just $599 with Origin. To put things into perspective, 1 TEMPUR hybrid mattress can get you — not 1, not 2 — but a whopping 10 Origin Hybrid Mattress

The Origin Hybrid Mattress even comes with 2 exclusive features that TEMPUR lacks – motion isolation and orthopaedic-approved design — for just a fraction of the cost. Not only will you score major saving deals with Origin but you’ll wake up with improved sleep quality and lesser body aches — which brings us to the next point:

2. Origin is orthopedically-approved 

comparison guide orthopedic

All TEMPUR® mattresses come with a visco-elastic material that conforms to your body shape. This feature essentially adjusts and spreads your weight for pressure relief and better support. 

On the flip side, Origin mattresses are orthopedically-approved by a team of in-house specialists. Each mattress follows a firmness rating of 6.2 and is suitable for anyone weighing between 40KG to 120KG. Whether you’re a victim of frequent backaches or poor posture, get your fix with a suitable mattress like Origin. 

3. Enjoy uninterrupted sleep with Origin

comparison guide motion isolation

Mattresses with motion isolation are a godsend for anyone who loses sleep while sharing a bed. Origin’s Motion Isolation® Technology absorbs and minimises movements as your partner toss and turn in the night. With Origin, uninterrupted sleep isn’t just another far-fetched dream.

4. Cooling gel memory foam for a sweat-free night

comparison guide cooling gel memory foam

Both TEMPUR and Origin have cooling gel memory foams – a game-changer if you can’t tahan Singapore’s humidity. TEMPUR keeps the heat at bay with its CoolTouch™ Technology which absorbs excess heat throughout the night.

Likewise, Origin boasts similar heat-release effects with its Hypercool™ cooling technology. But that’s not all. Each mattress has an added premium Tencel layer that increases air-flow. With Origin, indulge in a cooling mattress with better air ventilation.

Services – TEMPUR® VS Origin

5. Extended night trial period with Origin

comparison guide night trial

Buying a mattress is like purchasing a piece of clothing — you won’t know if it fits unless you try it on — and that’s where night trials come in. You get to try out a mattress for 100-120 days without any obligations! Origin offers a longer night trial by an additional 20 days, so you know for certain if your mattress truly suits you. 

Plus, there is no need to keep your Origin mattress back into its packaging or ensure that your mattress is in its original conditions. Simply return it to us within 120 days for a full refund.

6. Dispose of your old mattress fuss-free with Origin

comparison guide mattress disposal

Removing bulky items like old mattresses are a chore, but you can get it done quickly at Origin. Simply opt for our mattresses’ disposal add-on services before checking out and voila! Leave the heavy lifting to us while you welcome your new purchase.

Origin mattress — Singapore’s most supportive mattress yet

Origin Hybrid® Mattress is a German design with pressure-relieving memory foams, quality-assured pocket springs, and natural latex for enhanced durability. Above all, enjoy Origin’s exclusive features — motion isolation and orthopaedic-approved mattresses — without breaking the bank.

Check out our mattress buying guide on how you score your preferred mattresses by asking the right questions. 

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