Uniqlo Bedsheet Review: Best Bed Sheet Guide

While people generally put a lot of thought into picking out a bed or mattress, bed sheets are regrettably overlooked. It is a lesser-known fact that bed sheets actually hold high importance in getting a good night’s sleep. Aside from regulating your temperature and providing comfort against a bare mattress, a good bed sheet can do so much more. In this article, we will be exploring more about the Uniqlo Airism Sheet and why it is the best choice for you. 

As you may have already heard of the brand, Uniqlo is famously known for its minimalistic apparel. Originally founded in Japan, Uniqlo now has over 1000 stores across the globe and gained immense popularity for their affordable prices. When Uniqlo launched its Airism line consisting of bed sheets, duvets and pillow covers, it took the world by storm, and for good reasons!

Let us take a look at what this bed sheet is all about:


The Airism Uniqlo Bed Sheet is made up of Uniqlo’s Airism fabric that contains a mix of polyester and cupro. Polyester is highly durable and long-lasting, the material also helps the bed sheet retain its appearance after use. Cupro on the other hand is made from tiny cotton fibers which give the bedsheet its cushy feel. The blend of materials is responsible for the silk-like appearance of the Airism Uniqlo Bed Sheet. The texture of this bed sheet is soft and slippery, contradictory to your usual cotton bed sheets. The shiny finish of the Airism Uniqlo Bed Sheet adds a sense of luxury and opulence to it. 


This bed sheet comes in an extended list of sizes that includes anything from a single to a king, even carrying an option for a semi-double bed. The sizes are also created to perfectly fit with your mattress to give it a seamless look when wrapped around. Airism Uniqlo Bed Sheet has a wide range not only because of their multiple available sizes but also because of the colors they come in. You will find almost any solid color you wish to enfold your mattress in within the Airism series. Uniqlo kept their brand’s persona with the minimalistic design of the Airism Uniqlo Bed Sheet. Because the Airism Uniqlo Bed Sheet takes on such a bare and basic design, it would complement your bedroom rather than take away from it.


In terms of variance, the Airism line comes in different forms of bedding products as mentioned before. However, within their bed sheet series alone, there are two variants. If you are someone who hates the sheets coming off at the ends and would prefer a bed sheet that is more secure, then you could always opt for Uniqlo’s Airism Fitted Sheet instead. Uniqlo’s Airism Fitted Sheet comes with elastic seams that will hold the bedsheet in place and prevent it from sliding off, whereas the regular Airism Sheet is made to be easily folded and tucked away so the variance gives you the choice to select the Airism Uniqlo Bed Sheet according to your preference. 


The main reason why the Airism Uniqlo Bed Sheet received extraordinary feedback is because of its incredibly advantageous features. This bed sheet is designed with exceptional temperature regulation and breathability in mind. It incorporates a cool touch feature that keeps you cool all night. With the weather in Singapore being quite unpredictable, you’re bound to break a sweat on those sweltering nights and no cotton bedsheet can be quick enough to prevent it from staining your bed. Fortunately, the Airism Uniqlo Bed Sheet is designed for our weather by speedily absorbing sweat and drool all the while drying quickly.

Another commendable feature of the Airism Uniqlo Bed Sheet is its resistance to dust mites, mold and other contaminants that could potentially result in allergies. Airism Uniqlo Bed Sheet is also manufactured to reduce your bed sheet from piling up into a ball and in the chance that your bed sheet does pile up, the material blends prevent it from wrinkling. 


Single – $49.90

Semi Double – $59.90

Double – $69.90

Queen – $79.90

King – $79.90

It is no wonder that the Airism Uniqlo Bed Sheet is in high demand in Singapore, let alone the world. Alas, its high demand has led to the selling out of Airism Uniqlo Bed Sheets across Singapore. Now there is no need to be disappointed as we have another option that is much more affordable considering that you will be getting an entire bedding set. And we think that our surprise mention may even surpass the features and specifications of the Airism Uniqlo Bed Sheet! 

The Best Accessory For Your Bed

The Origin Polar Silk Tencel™ Bedding Set comes in a set of four with each 100% woven from Origin’s uniquely luxurious Origin Polar Silk Tencel™. Each bedding accessory in the set is designed to be incredibly soft and smooth. Origin Polar Silk Tencel™ is addictively silky to the touch and because of its temperature-regulating ability, you can expect your entire bed to stay cool during those blazing nights. Every set comes with a:

• x1 Premium Bedsheet

• x1 Premium Duvet cover

• x1-2 Premium Pillow covers

• x1-2 Premium Bolster covers 

So, If you want to know what sleeping on a frosty cloud feels like, look no further because this bedding set comes with a perfect bed sheet that will alleviate all of your sleep-ridden troubles. 

Prices and Sizing:

Single – $259

Super Single – $279

Queen – $339

King – $359

For more information and special deals on Origin products, click here and explore further!

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