Who Needs a Mattress Topper?

Who Needs a Mattress Topper?

Mattress toppers have gained more and more presence in the market nowadays. If you are on the hunt for the best mattress, chances are you will encounter a mattress topper. Most mattress manufacturers and retail stores would offer adding a mattress topper in addition to getting a new mattress. 

Homeowners who have purchased and used mattress toppers with their mattresses at home have voiced out how much they have been getting better sleep since using one. Many report to have their long standing body pains and aches to be relieved when they purchased their mattress toppers. But what exactly are they? Do you really need one?

If you are having these questions, then you’re in luck! We are going to share with you what a mattress topper is and why more and more people have come to embrace them.

What are mattress toppers?

Getting a much-deserved good night’s sleep is something that most adults often look forward too. After a long and hectic day at work, who wouldn’t want to lie in bed and relax those tired and sore muscles? Sleeping in a bed that has the right balance of comfort and firmness that is perfect for your body type is something that will guarantee that you will be able to wake up well-rested and energized.

In addition to getting the best mattress that would suit your preference, adding a mattress topper promises to give you extra comfort while sleeping. Mattress toppers are often made to be 2-3 inches thick and can be made with various materials like memory foam, latex, and wool among others. Most popular mattress toppers are made with memory foam because of the comfort that they provide, as well as the way they conform to your body’s shape.

What are different mattress topper types?

  1. Memory foam toppers are the most popular among the types of mattress toppers sold worldwide nowadays because of the high level of comfort that they can add to your mattress.   Another advantage the memory foam toppers provide is that they are often made to promote air flow to keep you cool even during warm nights.
  2. Latex foam toppers are the second in line when it comes to what homeowners prefer especially for those who have allergies. Latex foam toppers are resistant to dust and mites, as well as being very durable.
  3. Featherbed toppers are also popular because off their fluffiness. However, you should check carefully if they are stitched perfectly to ensure that the feathers would stay in place after being used. Feather toppers tend to clump in some places and have to be fluffed regularly.
  4. Wool toppers are meant for homeowners who are looking for a softer and comfier bed but are not really for those who need to get much muscle relief. Wool toppers tend to be very heavy especially if they are made from 100% wool and would have to be vacuumed and fluffed as well.

Would a mattress topper help ease your back pain?

Since mattress toppers are not made to be thick, they are not really meant to provide extra cushioning. Mattress toppers focus more on providing extra comfort which is why you cannot just add a mattress topper to an old uncomfortable bed.

If you are feeling back pains and body aches from sleeping in your bed, then a mattress topper would definitely not be the solution.  A mattress topper would give you extra comfort WHEN your bed mattress gives you the needed comfort and firmness that your body needs to begin with. While mattress toppers can help decrease your body pains and aches, they won’t work as well if your mattress is uncomfortable.

So, if you are having muscle pains from sleeping or not getting a good night’s sleep, maybe now is the time that you should consider getting a new mattress first.

A mattress topper that you’ll love!

If you are convinced that you will get your good night’s sleep by adding a mattress topper to your bed, then you are on the right place! The 2-incc Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper from Origin Singapore is a great buy that you will definitely love the first moment that you lie down on it.

The Origin Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress topper is made to provide you a peaceful, relaxed and cool sleep. Even if it is only 2 inches thick, this mattress topper is made with high density memory foam that guarantees to provide you the relaxation that you need by relieving pressure from your body that will enable you to get experience a deeper sleep. More and more Origin mattress topper users have expressed their satisfaction of having their aching joints and muscles becoming much relieved even just from their first night sleeping on it!

Another great benefit that the Origin Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress topper provides is the promise of comfort.  Infused with cooling gel, you will never have to spend sweaty nights in the hot tropical climate of Singapore ever again! This mattress topper is also uniquely designed with a free flowing open-cell system that promotes air flow within to enhance the cooling gel so you will wake up fresh and sweat-free!

Lastly, if you are sharing your bed with a partner or if your kids love to sleep at night with you, then you full know that all the fuss and movements at night can wake you. But with the Origin Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress topper, any movement or shifting is absorbed, so you can finally experience undisturbed sleep again!

What are you waiting for? If you are convinced that getting mattress topper would change your sleepless into nights of peaceful slumber, then we highly recommend that you get the Origin Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress topper now.

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