Woosa Mattress Review 2023

If you’re waking up with body aches, neck stiffness or even lower back issues, then maybe it’s time to change your mattress. It is important for you to find a mattress that is able to provide you with the comfort and support your body needs as it recuperates for the night. A good mattress also gives you a suitable amount of firmness without giving you extra body pain.

Woosa is a relatively new company in the online mattress market, established in 2018 in Singapore. The company offers three types of mattresses, the Original, Terra and Mysa mattresses and each of them has its own uniqueness. All the mattresses from Woosa come with a 100-night free trial and free shipping to make your experience with Woosa a pleasant and restful one. Here is a list of the mattress and why you should consider them as you browse through for a new one.

  1. The Original Mattress

If you’re looking for a medium-firm comfort mattress, then this is the perfect mattress out of the three for you. The Woosa Original mattress is made with the signature 4-layer combination of premium Sonocore Latex and European-made memory foam that gives you just the right amount of pressure relief and support as you sleep. 

The layers of the mattress are perfectly balanced, adaptive and responsive for amazing sleep all night. This mattress is highly recommended for back or side sleepers and it does not sink in too much and hurt your shoulder or back as you sleep.

Ensuring you only enjoy high-quality mattresses made of high-quality materials, the Woosa Original mattress is wrapped in an upgraded, Italian-sourced MicroTencel fabric. This gives you the softness and breathability you need while also protecting your mattress.

The Original mattress comes with a thickness of 30.5cm (12”) and in the sizes of Single, Super, Single, Queen and King. If a medium-firm mattress is your choice for the best sleep then you can purchase your mattress at their official website.

Price: Ranges from $1,349 to $1,949

  1. The Terra Mattress

The Terra Mattress would be good for you if you like your mattress to be extra firm in the comfort department. Its ergonomic design is created with double layers of 100% Natural latex that is optimal for spinal and posture alignment. Its dual-density latex foams also help prevent any type of sinking as you sleep and give your lower back the extra support you’re looking for.

The Terra Mattress has 5 layers including the dual latex layer, memory foam, high-resiliency transition foam and ultra-high-density BaseCoreFoam. Each layer differs in thickness and is made for back sleepers or heavy side sleepers.

If extra-firm is what you’re all about then grab your own The Tessa Mattress from the website. The mattress comes in the sizes Single, Super Single, Queen and King.

Price: Ranges from $1,649 to $2,249

  1. The Mysa Mattress

Saving the most luxurious one for the last, The Mysa Mattress is for those who love hotel-style mattresses. The fluffiness and plushness you feel when you lay on those mattresses can now be replicated in the comfort of your own home. 

The Mysa Mattress is a medium-plus comfort mattress that has 6 layers of premium materials. It is made of Ultra Premium Sonocore Latex, ultra-premium memory foam, high-resiliency transition foam, micro coils and ultra-high density BaseCore foam. The mattress is then covered with a plush microtencel layer that is embedded with silver threading for added antimicrobial properties and odor retention. And the very first layer of the mattress is made from Woosa Cloud Foam, a layer that creates a weightless sensation with superior airflow for a better sleeping experience.

This mattress is perfect for side sleepers, stomach sleepers or light-back sleepers because of how soft the mattress and how it does not press into your belly but instead cradles it. You can easily find the mattress on the official website of Woosa and it comes in the sizes of Single, Super Single, Queen and King.

Price: Ranges from $1,949 to $2,549.

Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is a luxury hybrid mattress that features a five-layer construction. It measures 12 inches in height and is designed to provide a balance of comfort and support. It has a medium-firm feel, which is designed to accommodate all sleeping positions.

The mattress features six layers of different materials, including Polar Silk Tencel, Aeroflex Natural Latex, Natural Wool, ErgoCoil Micro-Precision Springs, Origin HexaGrid Memory Foam and 7-Zone ErgoCoil Support Springs. 

The cover is made of Tencel, a soft and breathable fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps you cool throughout the night. The ErgoCoil Micro-Precision Springs in the support layer of the Origin Hybrid Pro mattress help minimize motion transfer, making it a good choice for couples who share a bed.

Many customers have praised the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress for its exceptional comfort and support. They have also mentioned that the mattress is very durable and maintains its shape even after prolonged use.

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