Zinus Mattress Review 2024: Best Mattress Guide



The right mattress can make a world of a difference in the quality of sleep you get. And if it comes at an affordable price, that makes the purchase so much more worth it. Zinus mattress is a brand that began its journey of producing premium high-quality mattresses that are affordable in 1979 and has now expanded its wings to Singapore. You can now purchase your very own Zinus mattress at its website or at Robinsons today!

But before you go ham and make a random purchase, read on to find the right Zinus mattress for your sleeping needs.

  1. Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

The Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is one of Zinus’ most popular mattresses on the market. Infusing the memory foam mattress with green tea extract gives the mattress naturally antimicrobial properties and ensures the mattress smells fresh and cool. This mattress is good for those who tend to get a bit sweaty when they sleep as the memory foam is able to absorb and remove the smell with ease while emitting the relaxing smell of green tea.

What makes Zinus’ Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress unique is that Natural Seed Oil is used for the production of its memory foam, unlike other memory foam mattresses that use petroleum-based chemical oils. By doing so, Zinus ensures you are protected from any harmful chemicals while adhering to the strict standards of emissions and environmental stewardship. 

The mattress is made up of a high-density base support foam, comfort foam in the middle and topped off with memory foam for good support of the body. The thickness of each layer depends on the mattress of your choice. The mattress is covered with a soft knitted hypoallergenic poly Jacquard cover that makes it a perfect choice for those with allergies. 

The Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress comes in a thickness of 15cm (6”), 20cm (8”) and 25 cm (10”). The Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is available in Single, Super Single, Queen and King, so you can enjoy the best comfort at the right size.

Price: Ranges from $129 to $ 559

  1. Zinus iCoil Mattress

Between memory foam and spring mattresses, the right option depends on the comfortability and support you are looking for. While memory foam mattresses allow your body to gradually sink in and relax, spring mattresses give you greater support. This type of mattress is a good choice for those who are accustomed to firmer sleeping arrangements. Zinus has a wide variety of spring mattresses, each unique in its own way.  

The Zinus iCoil Mattress is an affordable pocket spring mattress that reduces motion transfer for a peaceful sleep and is customized with spinal alignment technology to support your back correctly. This feature also helps to reduce any pressure on your back so you wake up ready to seize the day.  

Now we know Singapore’s heat can be quite the energy drainer and the last thing you need is to wake up drenched in your own sweat. That is why Zinus iCoil Mattress should be your number one. The pocket spring utilized helps to promote air circulation and prevents any heat from being trapped in the mattress. The pocket spring design also comes out on top of the mattress for superior ventilation of heat as opposed to a regular foam mattress. 

You can consider different styles of Zinus iCoil Mattress as your options are plenty. You can opt for either the Zinus 25cm (10”) Tight Top, 30cm (12”) Euro Top or 33cm (13”) Box Top Memory Foam mattress. All the mattresses come in sizes Single, Super Single, Queen and King.


Zinus 25cm (10”) Tight Top : $189 to $359

Zinus 30cm (12”) Euro Top : $309 to $569

Zinus 33cm (13”) Box Top Memory Foam : $379 to $649

  1. Zinus iCoil 2.0 “Cool” Series Mattress

If the iCoil is something you have already tried, then perhaps it’s time to upgrade to the Zinus iCoil 2.0 “Cool” Series Mattress. What’s new with the iCoil 2.0 is that the fabric of the mattress incorporates cool gel-infused memory foam and latex. The cooling gel memory foam has been specially formulated with gel beads that absorb surrounding heat and draws it away from your body, keeping you cool and comfy through the night despite the heat.

This mattress is available in all sizes and comes with 16 different thickness and mattress top to choose from, so you are definitely spoilt for choices. 

Price: Ranges from $359 to $1,889

  1. Zinus Hybrid Spring Mattress

Now with all the Zinus mattresses you’ve seen, you’re probably wondering what makes the Hybrid Spring Mattress any different. It’s Copper Memory Foam. Yes, you heard that right. Zinus has infused the pressure-relieving memory foam with microparticles of natural copper that resists the build-up of harmful germs, odors, molds and bed bugs. This unique Copper Memory Foam helps to transfer the heat away from your body as you sleep because of how highly conductive it is.

The Zinus hybrid Spring Mattress is available in all sizes and comes in only two thicknesses which are 25cm (10”) and 30cm (12”).

Price: Ranges from $269 to $399

  1. Zinus Bonnell Spring Mattress

Last but not the least, the Zinus Bonnell Spring Mattress. For those who truly want support and don’t really care about movement transfer, this mattress is the way to go. Bonnell spring mattresses are generally better for orthopedic support as it provides consistent firm support throughout the mattress.

Out of all the Zinus mattresses available, these would be the mattresses highly recommended for those with back pain. Apart from their newly improved Bonnell spring, this mattress is made of soft fibers and a thicker foam quilted for a luxurious feel.

The Zinus Bonnell Spring Mattress comes in all available sizes with two thicknesses 20cm (8”) and 25cm (8”) and three top finishes which are MKII, Tight Top and Euro Top.

Price: Ranges from $139 to $269

The Perfect Hybrid: Unbeatable Comfort and Support with Origin Mattress

Purchasing a good bed frame is the first step in completing your bedroom. The next step would be to choose the right mattress to complete the set.

Origin Hybrid Mattress would be the right option as its CloudCool™ Memory Foam + Natural Latex + Pocket Springs (patent pending) technology can help regulate your body temperature while also keeping you cool. This firm and durable mattress that is made in Singapore also has the Zero Motion Isolation technology. This technology helps reduce disturbance in the night caused by moving around or tossing and turning. So waking up feeling energized would not be such a faraway dream now.

The Origin Hybrid Mattress is made of CertiPUR-US® certified and CeriOEKO-TEX® certified that have been tested in independent labs, proving it is free of harmful substances. To ensure you get your money’s worth, a 120-night trial period is included when you purchase Origin Hybrid Mattress. It also includes a 15-year warranty because that’s just how confident Origin is in providing its users with good mattresses.

Click here now to purchase your own Origin Hybrid Mattress for only $399 today!

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